Sunday, April 3, 2011

Little Boys

I love Isaac's feet.  They've always been so perfect.  He wants to ensure they stay that way, so this is how I found him the other day.  Covered in his pirate and superhero band-aids! 
 I highly doubt there was anything band-aid worthy, but how could I do anything but love him even more?
 Dylan had a band-aid on as well.  They're like stickers or tattoos around our house. 
 I'm going to find out if I'm having a baby girl or a baby boy in 2 weeks and I'm so excited.  I'll be able to think about names.  I've decided that I want a newborn baby girl, but then I'm too nervous about having a toddler girl or a teenage girl.  I'd like a daughter who is married with kids some day I'm sure, but that whole middle part scares me!  I mean look at my boys.  Not so great hair cuts (paid for this time - grrrrr), and no shirts or shoes.  What would I do with a girl if she doesn't want to wear a shirt?  I guess that's a battle I'll be picking. 
Back to my comfort zone, boys and their lizards. 
 Dylan held it so Isaac could touch it before . . .
 letting it GO!
I don't even know if they had a bath that night.  Seriously, how am I going to get up early to brush a little girl's hair or match her shoes to her outfit?  I may just be made to have little boys.  We'll see, April 18th!

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