Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

Here's the "I Know that My Redeemer Lives" egg word art that I love.  I printed and famed it for all of my visiting teachees and young women at church.  They were dollar store frames, 8x10 ones would have worked but I didn't like them.  The kids and I painted these.  The sad looking egg was made with paper machet, but the water balloon started loosing air before the glue was dry.  The kids' bright colored ones look better. 

For church, the kids perked up when they heard part of the Easter story they recognized.  It's good, but not reverent to be whisper-talking the whole way through.  I really wanted to hear the talks.  It's difficult to keep the kids from being too casual at church when they're so used to it. 
 Many holidays involve big family meals.  I only really thought Thanksgiving needed a big family meal.  But Steven's family always had a bit Christmas meal, and an Easter meal.  This year, my family was out of town, and so was Steven's, so Steven wanted to do it ourselves.  It's my Grandma's birthday, so I was thinking of making egg salad sandwiches or something.  Steven was looking up honey baked ham recipes though.  He wanted to do it right.  What a good husband:)  He doesn't expect much from me, so all I did was make a yummy salad and heat up some dinner rolls and garlic mashed potatoes.  I offered to do more, but he doesn't like to put me out.  I love that:) 
 It was so delicious!  The recipe called for 1/4C of cloves.  It was fragrant and good, but not the Honey Baked Ham store's recipe.  Steven really basted it every 10 minutes to get the hard glaze on the outside of the moist ham.  He even braved the broiler at the end! 
 I didn't get a group family photo this morning, even though I have a tripod this time, because I could tell it would be too stressful.  I woke up an hour after I had wanted to.  Luckily I made the baked french toast the night before, then heat slices on the stove real quick.  There's no way any of us would have waited for me to cook it this morning!  We also didn't go to the Sonrise service w/ our friends.  I feel a little guilty about that, but I would have felt more guilty if we hadn't gotten a chance to eat breakfast together. 

I considered a family photo after church, but plans changed!  I was in the middle of my Easter lesson at church when I got interrupted.  I was determined to finish the verse I was reading because I don't always get to finish my lesson when somebody interrupts me.  This time, it was "your son is bleeding and won't calm down because he cut his lip open in nursery."  Why did I have to be stubborn?  I handed my scriptures to another leader and ran down the hall to find my crying Isaac with a couple of concerned nursery leaders trying to wipe his chin with baby wipes.  He was holding his chin and mouth and was hurt.  He just wanted Daddy to take him home.  I walked with him down the hall, towards my class.  He didn't want ice, so I knew that would be a lost cause if I went to the kitchen.  I calmed him down a little, but was outside of the men's class and didn't notice the doors were open - oops.  I carried my baby into the class and tried to go into the next part of my lesson.  I had notes on a note pad from a good talk by Jeffrey R. Holland.  I usually print the talks or lessons and write in the margins etc.  My printer isn't working, so I just wrote down the quotes and flow of how I was going to incorporate it.  Well, that was just for me I guess, because Isaac was still a drooling upset mess and didn't just put his head down to rest like I had hoped.  The girls looking back at me were not able to pay attention to anything out of my mouth when all they could focus on was Isaac's mouth.  So I got my purse and left.  Another leader had clearly been inspired to prepare a lesson, so she took over the 2nd half of the class with what she had prepared.  Then my brother brought home my big bag of props/CD player, etc.  So much for a stress free day!  And no family snap shot of the Easter outfits this year.  I'm glad I took them for Easter photos of the two of them before. 

Here's a photo I stole from Jodi from today!  She's the one who informed me of Isaac's mishap.  The kids look fine and happy and organized and cute in their Easter outfits here!  Isaac just had a bad day, he was accident prone from bonking his head on the pew in church to falling off of his chair at dinner etc.  He has good teachers and friends there:)

So, we sat down to a delicious Easter dinner, thanks to my awesome husband.  (You can see Isaac's chin scratches and fat upper lip a little.) 
 Dylan wanted to show off at dinner time and tell us how much he wanted to be healthy and didn't want to eat this, and wanted to eat that etc.  He wanted to go swim for exercise in the middle of dinner and some other antics.  Basically, he had to be excused right after we sang Happy Birthday to his Great-Grandma Rebeck.  She told us of the day she was born.  She was born at her grandma's house, and the doctor hurried it up a little so she could be born on her mom's birthday.  It's cool because then, her son, Uncle Bruce was born on that birthday too!  I learned that my grandma doesn't like cherry pie, but she does like ice cream and Jello jiggler eggs:)  
 The boys and I took much needed naps.   The boys wanted to go swimming, but only two ducks were aloud by the pool today.  We cleaned and played memory match and went to bed.
Happy Birthday to my Grandma, my uncle Bruce, and my nephew Ace,
and Happy Easter everybody!

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