Sunday, April 3, 2011

conference bingo and breaks

We listened to general conference instead of going to church today.  Everybody around the world did the same.  It's good to have a "shared experience" like that, so I learned from the Jimmy Fallon late night show:)  My kids woke up ready to play while I made pancakes and juiced oranges.  So we started with a session from the day before. 
 In the first break, we went outside and chased butterflies.  Steven caught one and let it go inside for fun, silly Daddy. 

The kids got to use fruit snacks for Bingo for the last talk by the prophet.  They knew what his talk was about by the PILE of fruit snacks on the "temple" square! 
 Dylan sat and slowly colored in the lines to complete his conference "homework" for the day.  He held it up to pose with it.  It kept him sitting for most of the session! 
 Then it was nap time after the next break.  I slept a bit, Steven tried to sleep, but the boys did NOT sleep.  Don't they appreciate naps?  Oh well.  Then we went to my mom's after the afternoon session for delicious pot roast.  I'm in love with anything that has to do with potatos lately, so I had seconds and thirds of the carrots and potatos.  Next, we went to the beach to watch the sunset. 

 That bird was as tall as Dylan!  We watched him eat two fish. 
Yay for the Sabbath day.

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Lindsay said...

I have been on a total potato kick too! We had baked potatoes last night! Ha. Loved all of your posts!