Friday, April 8, 2011


It's not the most productive week, but I'm happy that we colored Easter Eggs:) 
 On Wednesday evening, we colored them at church.  Sister Nannie had lots of kits, eggs, and ideas for our Young Women.  One of them had never colored eggs before! 
 She let me bring home some of the extras so I didn't need to go to the dollar store.  I had Steven get more eggs from Publix and we were ready.  I was supposed to have Malia and Noah today, but Noah was sick, and so was Dylan.  Let me back up.  I was cleaning my patient's teeth yesterday when I heard my phone buzz.  I looked back and saw that it was the preschool.  I made that split second decision to excuse myself and deglove.  My patient was understanding - I only answer it if it's whoever is with my kids and have only had to excuse myself once before.  They told me that Dylan was hysterical in the office there and was sure he was about to get sick.  He hadn't yet.  I told them I would be there in about 45 minutes.  I finished up with my patient, cleaned but didn't re-set up.  Our other hygienist hadn't answered her phone, and my patients weren't answering their phones either, so the plan was to go get my boys and come back with apologies to my good patients.  I knew they would understand.  I got Dylan first.  They hadn't gotten him his green blanket which he had taken that morning.  He normally leaves it at home, but he said he wasn't feeling good so I let him take it.  (I probably should have listened to him.)  I had asked them on the phone 40 minutes before to go get it for him and that it was in his cubby.  They told me that it was still on his cot in the corner.  So I scooped up my sick baby and went into his class to retrieve the comfort blanket.  It was in the cubby, like I had assumed.  Dylan started crying harder, then got sick on my shoulder and the blanket - right in front of his class.  I felt so bad for him.  He had held out for almost an hour and hadn't moved because he knew once he moved - that he would get sick.  We got Isaac and went home.  Luckily Dylan had a clean shirt in his cubby - I don't carry a diaper bag any more.  Dylan felt better, but I still had to go back to work - not to work, thankfully.  The other hygienist had come to the rescue.  Sadly I missed a half day of work on Tuesday because patients cancelled.  Weird.  I did go in to get my things and to apologize to the other hygienist and to my patient.  I had really wanted to tell her I am pregnant.  Oh well.  At home, Dylan cried all evening and got sick a couple of more times.  His tummy was empty from the first time he was sick.  He finally fell asleep while we were brushing Isaac's teeth, so we put them to bed.  Steven suggested that we go to bed too because he predicted a rough night.  Boy was he right.  Dylan moaned all night long and felt like he was going to get sick again.  He finally did at like 4am so we got some good sleep from then 'til 7:15 when he cried again.  He cried non-stop with the heaving and headache etc through lunch time.  Of course we were praying and squirting gator-ade and water and fennel seed tea down his mouth all night and morning.  I decided to boil the eggs and go outside with Isaac.  Dylan wanted to go too.  That hot sunshine is a miracle.  After about 15 minutes, Dylan told me that his tummy didn't hurt any more!  He hadn't really talked in about 24 hours.  So we dyed, glittered, and painted.  It was hot, so he drank some of his gator-ade. 

 I didn't notice how this happened, but took a picture of it:) 
 Dylan ate solids!  He ate grapes:) 
 He didn't want to eat an egg, but Isaac and I did. 
 The dye washed off of us in the pool, which was 84 degrees!  Yay for a turn-around day! 
(Oops, Dylan woke up from his nap w/ a fever and sore throat. 
He lost his voice too.  I spoke too soon. )

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Lindsay said...

Oh Poor Dylan! I swear, if I have to get sick, throwing up sick is not what I would choose. So sad! I am glad that he is feeling better. Looks like you guys had a fun day. You are such a good mom!