Sunday, April 17, 2011

slip 'n slide!!!

I waited to get out the slip n slide 'til I had enough energy - not to slide myself, but for the clean up and hastle of it all.  It wasn't a big deal at all, I didn't even have to make any rules for the kids.  I've been feeling so good since the first trimester is behind me.  I'm ready to nest, but not fully until I find out if I'm having a girl or a boy.  I can't wait to find out - that's why I'm staying up blogging!  I can't sleep.  I find out at 9am. 

k, back to the slip n slide.  My friend Liz and her baby came over, so we got out the slip 'n slide.  The kids LOVED it! 
 This is a horrible picture, but you can see the action:) 

 Malia does everything w/ craziness.  She quickly learned that she could not just slide, but slide and twist and go crazy.  Noah and Isaac stayed pretty mellow on it, but still were less fearless than I thought they'd be. 
 Obviously we went swimming next even though the pool cooled down to just under 80 degrees.  By "we" I mean the 3 older kids.  Isaac has been since, but Malia, Dylan, and Noah really really swam.  I love Malia and Dylan's races accross the pool. 
 Here's a new reason to get out my camera:)  Hi baby Peyton!
 He stayed in the shade - a big beach umbrella we poked into our lawn.  We're looking into some permanent shade. . .
 We cooked turkey hot dogs on the grill.  I'm loving summer time! 

 Then the kids stayed under that umbrella in our yard to eat popsicles (it was a hot hot hot day), then they stayed to play with chalk, etc.  Then they used the shade for their caterpillars. 
Malia will eventually hatch them into butterflies. 
I layed down in that shade with them for a while too.  It was such a beautiful day.  Lots more to come . . . I plan on being in my swimsuit hiding out in by back yard all summer long:)

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Lindsay said...

How fun! Wish we could have come. Dang car repairs!!