Sunday, January 15, 2012

sorry to Tyler's babysitters, and sorry to Tyler, and goodbye to late night hanging out w/ friends

I need help on how to train my baby to take a bottle and go to sleep with a babysitter. (at night)
Or I can take the hints and just stay home and nurse him.
Here's how I found him this evening after being called to come home.
He was in just his diaper because he was red hot crying.  Martin was sweating bouncing with him when my mom saved him on New Year's Eve.  I got called back early then too, and he was sleeping on my mom sorta like this. 
Herre's a photo of after we took him on a group date with us to Ceviche.  He went in asleep, then woke up before he was ready.  I took him to the car to feed him and brought him back.  Then I came back and he started crying.  He didn't stop for over an hour with me holding him out in the car, then on the way home.  It wasn't 'til I laid him down on his Uncle Andre's bed here and nursed him that way that he calmed down and finally slept.  That was the first of the big tantrums I think.  That was 12/30/11.  (And I know the socks don't match.) 
Poor baby boy.

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Kathryn said...

Poor baby! Looks like he passed out from exhaustion but was clinging to her for dear life. So was he wailing when she called you to come home early? And then he conveniently finally fell asleep when you were on your way home?