Thursday, January 19, 2012

I work out

Or at least my kids do.
They were anticipating out new treadmill, you know, to go along with the traditional new year's resolutions.
Push ups,
 sit ups,
 jumping jacks,
 and, of course, running! 
 and laughing,
 and climbing?? 
and then running on the new treadmill!
 So I have run on it once.  The day we got it, last Saturday, I ran 2 miles.  That was right after I ate, so I couldn't do more.  Since then, I have put on running shorts and a sports bra 3x, but took off the sports bra to feed my baby before running.  Then 2 nights ago I did lunges up next to his crib because I was tired of holding/bouncing/nursing him and decided to just shower w/o running. 
I woke up with a stiff knee - like having stiff neck after sleeping on it incorrectly.  It was sore all day and I limped a tiny but that night I stretched it a lot to work out the soreness.  It hurt to do dorsiflexion with my foot, to bend a lot, or to streighten it all the way.  So I did that while nursing Tyler to sleep.  Then, in the middle of the night, it hurt when I turned over to nurse Tyler.  And in the morning, I had another reason to not want to get up to turn off the alarm.  It hurt to put weight on it, but not as much as a sprained ankle.  I could put weight on it if I had it a little bent and stepped on the ball of my foot. 
As a side note, Isaac was caughing as he woke up.  So I called and let his Joy School teachers know he wouldn't be going today.  And I called Corrie to see if she could watch both boys for me and thought I texted Tyler's babysitter to cancel her.  (She later asked where the heck I was and I felt sooo sorry that the text was still lingering in my draft box from the stress of the morning.) 
 Back to me. So I drove Dylan to school. He wanted us to walk him in, so I put Isaac and Tyler in the sit 'n stand stroller (because Isaac hadn't worn shoes and just had his size 2T Superman PJs on.) I didn't really think I was limping that much 'til Steven's cousin asked what was wrong w/ my foot. I explained that I had slept wrong on my knee 2 nights in a row. (Denial.) So, limping back to the car, I have 2nd thoughts about the newborn session I was supposed to shoot in an hour or so. I got home, found and took expired Ibuprofen, and tried to kneel down like I would have to do at the session. I found myself looking for something with which to brace myself. I realized that this was rediculous and I couldn't be handling a newborn with a bumb knee. I called the client and rescheduled. Then I iced my throbbing knee while reading a book to Isaac. Then we all 3 took a 2-1/2 hour nap - it was awesome.
So, the kids wiggle wiggle wiggle and work out. I will some day.

What the heck did I do to my knee?  Lunges?  Am I that old? 
Oh, and Isaac turned the treadmill up to 10mph and started crying and his leggs couldn't run that fast.  He tried stepping up on the grey part up front b/c his legs can't really reach the sides in a split second and even when he pushed the stop button, it took a while to go back down to normal speed.  Lesson learned - the hard way, poor baby.  Dylan laughed and said "that was awesome" and had to go to time out while I hugged scared little Isaac.  The end.


Lori said...

Is it the outside of your knee??? Like on the side? If so, it could actually be your IT band, which attaches to your gluteus muscle. I have had this happen, it's kind of a chronic thing. Talk to me about it...there are some stretches you can do that will alleviate it. It comes from a weak or improperly stretched gluteus muscle, which is not surprising for me, as I NEVER stretch before OR after running. I do, now, because I walk like an 85 year-old woman, if I don't. Particularly when I get out of the car or try to go down stairs. Let me know!!!

Tiffany said...

hi Lori,
thanks for all of the words of encouragement and help! It's actually the inside of my left knee - behind it. Ibuprofen is helping today. It hurts to put my heel down when I stand. Which Lori are you? Your profile doesn't give me much info:) you can always email me, My plan is to take it easy today and tomorrow, then 2 photo shoots on Saturday w/ pain meds, then easy on Sunday and go to a doc if I need to on Monday.

Kathryn said...

Ouch! Sounds like no fun at all. At least with most injuries you can nail down when it happened and be bugged at the circumstance that led to it.

I like that you have a treadmill. I wish I had one. It would make watching TV so much more productive! Where's you get it?

Poor Isaac about the too-fast treadmill story. Dylan's reaction is pretty funny, although I suppose he could have waited at least a little while to make sure Isaac was okay before he said it. So is Isaac still scared of the treadmill? Or was he back on it a little while later?

Katy said...

If it's the back of your knee it could be a form of tendonitis. I had something similar happen to me. My doctor said it was from exercising too much too quickly after not having exercised for a while. I was told to ice it on and off for 20 min and to let it rest for a few days, then slowly work up to your regular exercise routine. I don't know if that's the answer...but maybe it will help! I'm sorry your knee is being a pain and I hope it gets better!

P.S. that story about Isaac and the treadmill reminds me of the story of Martin riding his bicycle when he was little and your mom came home to him crying while going around in circles on the bike because he didn't know how to stop. :) Cute, but I feel so bad for that poor little guy!

Lori said...

It was Lori Emery, btw, but sounds like it's not the IT band syndrome if it is the back of the knee.