Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I love my baby bear

In the past, I have gotten sick over Christmas break.  Even if I wasn't really sick, I was stressed out and on the verge of being sick. 
This year, I prepared myself and said no in advance and gave up things and stayed home in the evenings and pretty much changed.  I'm usually the one who wants to do everything, go everywhere, and volunteer at every opportunity.  I'm more of a homebody now. I sorta don't like that I have changed.  But I'm not sick and had a wonderful Christmas. 

I'm stressed now though. 
Partly because of that low after the high of Christmas.
Partly because I am not as close to my siblings as when we were growing up crowded in this same house.  And they were here, but we all had our own families and didn't get to stay up late getting silly and talking.  Why do we have to grow up? 

Also, I took tons of pictures, but there's just not enough time to go through them.  And my family is asking for them.  I did informal sessoins, but feel the need to go through each picture before sharing them.  It's dificult doing things for friends and family because they assume that I can just email a whole folder of photos right over that night.  Even if I didn't edit anything, I have a family of my own.  I have a to do list of my own.  I have a waiting list of paying clients who are ready to book.  And I have a cute baby who gets overlooked.  I want to be creative with pictures of my own baby, but I make my own priorities the last ones. 

Partly because I want to highlight my hair, paint my nails, and take naps - but I can't seem to make those priorities.  I know we all make time for true priorities.
Partly because Tyler decided that he doesn't need an early bed time.  And that he wants to cuddle for hours before he sleeps soundly enough to be put down - so I fall asleep nursing him and wake up cold and on the couch in the middle of the night.  So my office hours are not when I think they should be. 
So I'm stressed. 

What are your regrets from the holidays? 
I now wish I had actually printed something as a momento for Tyler's baby blessing on Christmas.  It's already Valentine's season.  Most people have put their Christmas boxes back up in the attic but part of me wants to print cards that could be ornaments to remember Tyler's 1st Christmas and the time he met most of my family. 

I wish that my neck would just heal all of the way so that my arm wouldn't tingle when I type at 2am.

On lighter notes,
I took a 4 month old, 6 month old, 3 yr old, 4 yr old, and 6 yr old to [what I call] Orange Blossom Groves for messy drippy ice cream before picking up my 5 yr old. 
I had intended on taking a picture of our field trip but there was no way that was going to happen since I was holding two babies and eating my own cone once we went outside to the picnic tables.  I love warm winter days.  LOVE! 
I had a real family night last night and the kids were so excited when I got home from the gym and asked if it was time for family night yet - they had rememered from that morning - we even had Bluebell for the treat and I was able to scoop the solid mass with one hand thanks to the Cutco ice cream scoop from my mom because I was holding Tyler and this is the worst run on sentence but that's ok because we even had Dylan play the piano for the music part of the evening and he knew the scripture he wanted to do and we used Isaac's Sunbeam hand out puzzle for his lesson plus I had cooked honey lime enchelada caserole for dinner with brown rice that day.


Kathryn said...

I nominate that for the absolute best run-on sentence ever blogged. :) What an amazingly perfect family night! Song, lesson, scripture, treat . . . and they were excited about it too!

Your post made me so wish I lived in your same city though. Then we could stay up late talking and being silly any old weekend, and I'd play with your kids and help them get ready for bed and clean up their toys so you could do your other priorities. ... And I'd sneak peeks at the pictures you took of family even if you hadn't had time to look at them yet. :P

And I'm glad you didn't get sick over Christmas, and I'm glad you got to go to [what you call] orange blossom groves and sit outside and enjoy ice cream even when it's supposedly winter. And I'm glad you have a bear outfit for your cute Tyler. And I'm glad he's good at grabbing things and putting them in his mouth now, because it means that first picture looks like he's smirking and shrugging his shoulders. I like that his little paw shows in the second one, and I like that you got a perfect picture of it and put it on your Fishy Face blog.

Your arm tingles when you type at 2am? Is it because 2am means you've been sitting in the same position for way too long? That's no fun.

I wish I lived near you. I wanna play with your kids and be near you when I have my own. I want to learn how in the heck you plan crafts and outings and activities for 6 kids and still have time to take pictures of it and blog about it! Remember those few days I played mommy to your kids almost 4 years ago? I didn't so much as brush my hair any of those days, much less plan crafts or activities for your kids! You're SuperMom!

Kathryn said...

Awww, he has a little bear friend! :) And I love the one where he's got his little paw in his hands. Funny, but I think he looks a little bit like Alicia's baby in that one, like they could be related.