Friday, January 20, 2012

8 kids here = no hands for taking pictures = a picture-free ramble post

Me: (to Steven) The problem with having so many kids here today, is that I don't have an extra hand to take pictures of our fun.

Steven: (sarcastically) Really?  That's the problem?

Me: (smile)

Anyway, I had all 6 kids here and my friend Rachael came with her 18 month old twins. Our messy playroom made her daughter cry b/c it was way too over stimulating.  The living room almost made me cry because while I made brownies before Rachael came over, the kids dumped out the Gunny bag and started coloring!  It had been clean 5 minutes before!  Embarrasing. 

Then, picture this, 8 legs hanging down from our orange tree.  Picture perfect, but I didn't have hands to find and assemble the small camera and didn't risk the bigger one.  Then, Rachael put one of her kids down to run for the tree because a voice from the tree was crying wolf that he/she (I don't remember which) couldn't get down.  They can all jump from that high and didn't look entangled so I wasn't worried.  Maybe she has more of a mom instinct than I do.  She also scooped out a mouth full of dirt from Ivy for me.  AND she brought hot dog buns and cheeze puffs since I didn't buy buns to go along with our hot dogs.  She also cut the oranges for us.  I love somebody who will see what needs to be done and will do it and doesn't make me feel like a total crazy lady.  I felt like one all on my own today - limping, grilling while holding a baby, nursing right out in the open (back yard) while squeezing honey mustard and ketchup on 4 buns with my freshly washed and dried hair tied back out of my face.  (Yea, I showered this morning and am proud of it - that should add to the crazy lady list because normal people do that every day.)  I don't think she's ready for more kids yet after seeing me today.  Hers are pretty close to being perfect, except they're normal.  Perfect kids wouldn't be normal, but hers seem wonderfully happy and sweet.  We talked a little about parenting and I caught myself doing things I know not to do - like saying "don't climb that fence."  I think I could fill out a paper parenting test and could get an "A."  But talking the talk (or writing) and walking the walk are totally different.  Rachael makes me a better person.  Her blog got me to actually really commit to doing FHE (Family Home Evening) every week.  And I did that Jinglebell Run with her too.  I don't think I blogged that yet.  It was Dylan's first 1 mile fun run!  She got me to join her book club too.  She EVEN brought me the book on tape today!  She's an enabler for good.  I should be like that.  Instead, I'm a crazy lady w/ too many kids.  (And I want one more. - Told you I'm crazy.)

After she left, it actually got a little more normal and I almost wished she had stayed so she could see.  The kids went to the bathroom (including washing hands with soap) and got pillows and blankets for story time.  Dylan took the short couch, Isaac took the floor, Noah was already asleep in Dylan's bed by the time the first story was over, and Malia took the treadmill.  (I pick my battles - it was unplugged.)  Again, a camera would have been useful b/c maybe you had to be there to be able to picture this.  I held Tyler while Ivy slept in the pack 'n play.  We read 3 books and sang all the verses to "I Am A Child Of God."  I went up to try to take a nap with Tyler.  He fell asleep on me.  Then I remembered that I may not have turned off the grill.  Dang.  I had to get up.  Success!  Tyler stayed asleep on his side! Ivy was sleeping, Noah was sleeping, but I had to put Malia in Dylan's bed and had to confiscate her toys then she sept a long time.  I threatened spanking Isaac - I don't remember why but it worked and he was still and slept.  I whispered to Dylan that he could color.  The grill WAS off.  That's good.  I tried again to take a nap since we're all sicky with runny noses.  Tyler woke up a little after that and just wanted to smile and jump. 

Yady yady ya, I took a Valentine's Day picture of Olivia while Vicki held Ivy, I tried to nap on the couch next to Tyler sleeping in the swing, we made pizzas with left over hot dogs for the pepperoni's, we ate spaghetti, we had a good family night lesson with an activity and craft, Tyler cried with rice cereal, and all 4 of my boys are asleep now!  I finally have time to take a picture, but all that's left is a sink full of dirty dishes from the day.  Speaking of which, gotta go.

P.S. It's 11pm now:
I decided that I should link to Rachael's blog, b/c if you really want to know her, who am I to hold you back?  (My sister asked.  They may have met at church??)  Rachael brought over home made brownies and onesies - perfect for a summer baby, right after Tyler was born.  I had recently read that she was expecting her 3rd baby and told her that congratulations were in order.  Sadly, she told me that she had actually miscarried.  I was at a loss for words.  Why was she bringing ME gifts when I should be comforting HER?  Especially bringing me BABY gifts!  She's the kind of person who notices where she could be of help and then she does it.  And she stays perfectly happy and healthy and organized and can think clearly.  She gave me a Christmas gift, and that's after she held a white elephant gift party w/ real girly gifts.  I haven't given gifts to people at church (that I remember) because if I give a gift, I have to give one to this person, and that person, and where do I stop?  And I might not have it as together next year, so maybe I shouldn't start something that I can't keep up.  I don't think she has those useless thoughts.  She wants to do something and does it.  End of story.  I won't care if I never get a gift from her, or if somebody else got something and I didn't - and she knows that.  She has a solid testimony of our Savior too.  I asked something about one of her babies who are in heaven now, and she said, like I could tell she had said lots before, that she knew she would get to raise him later and she is excited to do so and mentioned something about Christ, I think.  All while I'm nursing a baby and putting a kid in time out and she's cleaning up water cups or something.  I know she must always have a prayer in her heart and has the Holy Ghost as her guide at all times and in all things and in all places. 

Also, instead of doing the dishes, I just caught up on this blog.  Shawni's another person who I'd like to be.  Her kids are a little older, so that's good.  I mean, if my kids were older, I'd hate to read back what I should have done, you know?  Anyway, she has a lot of people who realize that she has a good head on her shoulders and they ask her questions.  My question, is where she gets the book that she compiles all of her Christmas cards in?!  I want double sided 4x6, 4x8 and 8x10 slots!  I don't get that many Christmas cards, but maybe in 10 years I will.  she's almost 10 years older than I am. Her parents started Joy School and wrote "The Entitlement Trap."  Her parents taught like my wonderful parents taught.

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Kathryn said...

Wow, what a good description of a very full life! And who's this amazing Rachael girl and which blog is hers? And how did you get that many kids to be still for not just one but three books?? And do all of the kids know the words to "I Am a Child of God"?

So what are you reading/listening to for your book club?