Sunday, January 1, 2012

hello, hi

Isaac took this picture.
I like it b/c it shows how random I am. 
I don't even remember how the day was, but clearly it was my one day/week that it was just me and my 2 younger boys.  
I was in the middle of editing a photo for a Christmas card.
I am in my running clothes so either I just ran or was planning on it.
I have dangly earrings, so I must have had normal clothes on for something that morning.
I'm editing one-handed, not that efficient, but I do what I can when I get a chance.
There's an unopened grocery bag, so I'm guessing we stopped by Publix on our way home from dropping of Dylan. 
I have fat rolls on my back.  I should walk the walk instead of just dressing the part! 
Some days I'm too busy to write a list, but then I half- do many many little things. 
 I took the camera and got yet another distraction. 
His smile is almost bigger than his whole head! 

 Here are my little jungle men and their cave drawings. 
Note Isaac's right foot, and Dylan's awesome sunshine he drew.

I'm going through my December folder.  These were from 12/9/11.

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Kathryn said...

Where have I been lately? I can't believe I went five days without checking your blog!!

I love the snapshot-of-your-life photos Isaac took. I don't agree that you have fat rolls on your back, but I do agree that your shirt is bunched up a bit over your sports bra. :) And I love that Grandma and Granddad are smiling back in the pictures of your little baby smiling as big as his head. That's a really good picture of them too! And is Isaac standing on one foot so he can draw UNDER his other foot? What a silly caveman boy!