Monday, January 30, 2012

Dear Tyler, you're 5 months old

Dear Tyler,
You're 5 months old now!
You are ticklish, so I can get smiles out of you! 
 You're really getting chunky thighs.  They're smushy and I love them.  You've been wearing pants a lot, but whenever you're in a onesie, I can't keep my hands off of them, and neither can anybody else:)
 You have beautiful eye lashes and skin still. 
 You rolled over!  You first did it on my bed when you were starving (or you thought you were.)  You rolled your face towards me, and since our bed rolls towards the heaviest thing (me in this case), you were determined.  You smushed your face down into the sheets and I found myself starting to cheer you on, then you did it!  The rest of your body followed 'til your arm was stuck under your tummy. 
 You can grab things and can actually bring them to your mouth!  That seems like such a huge accomplishment. 
Happy pose
 Now a gangsta pose. 
I have so many pictures I could share, but I'll break it up into another post I think. 
You're sweet, but you're what I call my sweet inconvenience in the evenings.  You need me.  I've tried to not nurse you to sleep, but you don't cry yourself to sleep yet.  You just cry and cry and cry.  It's not usualy that loud, but still, it doesn't stop.  If we pick you up, that'll usually do it, but even when you fall asleep, you wake up when we put you in your bed until you've worn yourself out. You will fall asleep next to me for naps, but I can only nap like once/week. 
You ate some of my baked potato this evening.  I mushed tiny thin layers between my fingers and put them in your mouth.  That was your first real food besides rice and oatmeal cereals.  Then I gave your prunes this evening.  I gave you a bottle of formula this week before bed. 
You keep bonking into my cheek bones.  I try to kiss you or hold you and somehow even though I know that has happened, it still keeps happening!  It doesn't seem to phase you. 
You like to be upright but will still lay on your back just fine.  You have sometimes done little sit ups, but not too much. 
I keep trying to give you pacifiers and your thumb, but it doesn't really work.  Sometimes you gnaw on them but that's about it.  Rarely you'll suck on one right after eating when you're sleeping. 
I usually stay up late until you wake up between midnight and 3am.  I only do that a couple of nights a week though.  And sometimes you win and I just put you in bed with me initially. 
I love you. 

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Kathryn said...

Cute baby! I love the toothless grin, and I didn't even realize what long eyelashes he has. I like the action shot of him trying to roll over by using the crib bar as leverage. But my favorite is definitely the two-photo series showing the happy side and the gangsta side of that little chunky-thigh boy. Funny! :) Oh, and I love how soft and brown and warm everything is in the top photo. Just want to smooch those baby cheeks!