Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tyler's Baby Blessing

On Christmas day,
our little Tyler Martin Feger
was given his name and blessing in our church. 
His Uncle Martin, also named after our Grandpa, gave him the blessing. 
Standing in the circle with him and Steven, were his uncles David, Matt, and Jonathan and his Grandpa Beckman.
Our Dear Heavenly Father, by the power and the authority of the Holy Melchizedek Priesthood which we hold, we gather together to give this child a name and a blessing. And the name by which he shall be known in the records of the church is Tyler Martin Feger. Tyler, we leave a blessing with you that you may be healthy and strong that you may be filled with love for your family and your father and for your mother who love you and desire your well-being. And Tyler we bless you that you may be receptive to the spirit- that you may have an understanding of the will of the Lord and a desire to do His will continually and we bless you with the ability to do the will of the Lord. And we bless you that you will grow to be faithful and to serve a full-time mission where you will bless the live3s of many people. We bless you that you will find, when the time is right, a beautiful daughter of God who you will be married with in the temple and we bless you to follow the counsel of the Lord and live a healthy and blessed life. And we say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
It's not every day (or any day) that I get a picture of me with my baby boy.  Thanks Eugene!
Lots of family came in town to hear the sweet blessing.  The 5 Gille kids and families plus Julie's family made it.  Tyler didn't cry at all, he slept through the pictures by Eugene Olson, then he smiled lots in his blessing. 
Look at Gracie's high kick!
"Hooray, Tyler's blessing was a success and now we get to hang in the mother's lounge!" 
(It's all a little too much excitement for little Tyler.) 
Oh, so his outfit is from Colombia. 
Maria, Tyler's Abuelita, brought it back for Dylan on one of her trips back home.  I thought it looked a little girly at the time because the sweater reminded me of a cardigan.  But I took a picture of Dylan in it anyway at Christmas time.  When we couldn't find the blessing outfit that Dylan and Isaac used, this one was a clear choice.  I lost the matching socks that went with it.  Even though it was over 80 degrees that day, a sweater outfit seemed more appropriate than the silky shorts one the older boys wore.  I like it. 

Afterwards, everybody went to our house for lunch and cousins presents. 
Then, after naps, we went to the beach house and played on the sand snowman we built. 
It was a perfect Christmas.

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i never saw this cute cousin picture! hehe so cute!