Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"I used everything sticky, but not honey."

While Tyler and I napped (Oh how I love to nap), Isaac was busy wrapping what he hoped to be his own present.  We bought Dylan a Spiderman web shooter for his birthday (which is the day after Valentine's day.)  I told Isaac it was a present for somebody but not for him and that it WAS a good idea to get one for Dylan, so maybe we should.  I told him that he shouldn't get his own presents, so it probably wasn't for him. 

He came up and told me that he was wrapping the present.  I asked if he found wrapping paper.  He did.  He said he found "Easter wrapping paper."  It does look like Easter wrapping paper, now that he mentions it.  He said the wrapping paper wasn't working though b/c the glue sticks weren't sticking.  I asked if he tried tape.  He said that it ran out then he added, yes, "I used everything sticky, but not honey."  This, I had to see.  Sure enough, on the carpet, I found a sticky mess.  He had used kid siscors, that's good.  And although he had put away the "sticky" things, I found evidences of not only a glue stick, but regular glue, clay, and even Dr. Pepper flavored red chap stick and tape.  He brought me the Tide To Go pen and asked me to open it because he needed help.  I told him what it was and he put it back.  I told him to bring back tape, not believing that it was all gone since I had just bought a 3 pack.  Well, he found a roll w/ tape still on it.  He taped a little more, then said the tapes WERE all gone.  I agreed, even though he had just pulled at an odd angle or something and the ends were lost on the roll - you know how that happens w/ packing tape.  So I got out a Spiderman gift bag and put the whole mess in there.  He's happy.  Except he must have overheard me "reading" The Secret in the car and is staying really positive about it being for HIS birthday.  We'll see . . .

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Kathryn said...

I knew from the title that this one was going to be good. That boy is very thorough in finding ways to get what he wants! And it's great that you've probably indoctrinated him with "The Secret" at his ripe old age of four. :P

Clay though? How did he think that would work? And the Dr. Pepper chapstick is pretty much hilarious. :) So . . . what DID he get for his birthday? And did all of this happen while Dylan was at school so he will still be surprised on HIS birthday?