Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dear Tyler, you're 4 months old

Dear Tyler Baby,
I love you.  You're still sweet.  You're such a baby - a real baby now.  You're the right amount of cuddliness, sleepiness, smiles, ticklishness, and pure deliciousness.  You have tight skin that I love to kiss.  You haven't discovered stranger danger yet, so you let anybody hold you.  You did just start to look back and up to see who is holding you, so you're memorizing faces or something now. 

You're finally getting some chunk on your thighs. 

 You like to suck on your fists, usually your left one.  You can gnaw on your thumb or a pacifier, but don't suck on either.  For your thumb, you still have a tight fist shoved tightly into your mouth, so your thumb doesn't really fit in your mouth.
So now you pull things into your mouth.  It's cold so I put blankets on you and find them up around and on your face.  You still can not control your hands enough to go fishing and catch something, but if you feel something, you pull it in.  Your little mouth wants what your eyes see so you have a big mouth snaping turtle reflex.  It's the wettest softest sweetest silliest big mouth bass kiss - so fun. 

 I wanted to take a picture of you in your new penguin hat from Ivy (by my friend Rachael), but you snapping-turtle-grabbed and nuzzled in and didn't care about me or my goofiness above you. 
 When I took the distraction away, you weren't happy. 
You only like tummy time when it's on MY tummy I think - when we first wake up. 
 You also don't like your car seat.  You have done better lately - possibly because I didn't have to go in the car line and I could take my time to go places to get your comfortable. 
 You got to meet your Grandpa Gille! 
He came in town for your blessing. 
He even sang in the choir for your blessing and sacrament service. 
You go to bed in your bed, but always end up here.
I think the Christmas vacation got everybody off schedules
- as if I do schedules, I know. 
But you go to bed so late and want to nurse to sleep. 
You sleep best when you're snuggled by my side. 
 You're happy for me, but you do get sad and fussy at bed time now. 
You're not loud, but it's sad. 
You wake up happy and kicky.  You kick like your heels are on springs.  You alternate kicking your heels out then retract them back into place.  You scoot back off of blankets that way too.  You're not interrested in rolling over yet or in sitting up.  I like that you're still a relexed baby. 

 Ivy, on the other hand, has been sitting up and crawling and stealing toys! 
We celebrated bringing in the new year byyou going to Grandma's house. 
More on that later. 
I love having a new year's baby:) 
 This will be a fun year of firsts for you.  You're almost half way through your first year though, that's crazy.  Stay my baby please! 
Oh, tonight (10 days after you turned 4 months old) I fed you a couple of spoonfuls of rice cereal while you cried.  You wanted to nurse I think but I'm pretty sure I was out of milk and you should have been sleeping.  I'm in no rush to feed you, but I figured why not. 
I love you my little baby boy,
Love, Mommy

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