Friday, August 6, 2010

Field Trip Friday #1 - Dinosaur World

Last summer, we went on a lot of Field Trip Fridays.  Today, Steven took the day off after his morning court.  He called us and told us to make sandwiches, get dressed, get waters, and put shoes on b/c we're going to DINOSAUR WORLD!  Dylan still remembers when he went about a year and a half ago with Steven and Isaac.  I just checked that post, and Dylan wore the orange dino shirt that Isaac is wearing.   This was my first time. 
Dylan said "A dinosaur foot Mom, take a picture!"  Maybe he wants to be a little model when he grows up.  I should start a portfolio for him.  Maybe not with this photo, but it's funny b/c he knows how to keep me happy:)
We ate lots of graham crackers and water.  We got there at lunch time. 
I love my goofy-at-times husband. 
We went to the play ground for a while to get good and sweaty and dirty. 
We ate our PB&Js and almost drank the rest of our water. 
Poor Dylan was almost in tears begging to go "cool off" in this mister, but mainly wanted to go to the bathroom to wash his hands.  Isaac stayed in the mist enough to get pretty soaked. 
Oh no, Daddy is in the dino's mouth! 
Everybody wanted a chance to get eaten.  Dylan bonked his head here, after he bonked his shin on the play ground, and before Isaac tripped and bonked his head on the cement.  Good thing they're tough:)
2Dylan joined us!  We went to the beach with him on Wednesday, then he went to Busch Gardens yesterday, and to Dinosaur World today.  How fun!!
It's difficult to watch all 6 kids at once.  Noah didn't read the memo about staying on this side of the ropes. 
The boys ran ahead and the 4 of us girls stayed back with baby Shaylyn. 
I tried feeding Noah to the T-Rex. 
And everybody else wanted to touch it as well, a couple of times.  (As if I wasn't hot enough already.)  
Group shot, minus Steven our hero of the day. 
They were serious about excavating. 
I'm hoping the kids don't have night mares about this boardwalk section. 
I'll distract you too with photos of these best friends. 
I'm picturing using these photos for when they both get their Eagle Scout awards in 12 or so years.
Won't that be so cute!  They're growing up together, the two Dylans. 
Noah and Isaac will have their own slide shows, for their high school graduation slide show. 
The end. 
(I'm so happy to have this blogged today, the day we went!  Fast computers rock.)

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