Thursday, August 12, 2010

Once Upon A Time . . . In a Deep Dark Forest . . .

In this magical place,
We hung around,
And waited,
For our friends to join us, 
For Shaylyn's 9 month portrait session.
Then we played [and accidentally snapped a branch into Isaac's face but it luckily just made everybody laugh and didn't phase him.]
Then we wrestled,
And were silly,
And really silly,
While Shaylyn watched.

The End.
{This was a mini mini session with a best friend. We only waited and hung around for like 3 minutes while she unloaded her stroller.  My kids are not usually invited on photo shoots.  We had a small window of opportunity before my and 2Dylan's dad's soccer game.  (We're on the same team.)  Shaylyn is starting to walk and has the most tan legs of any little baby, so we wanted to capture this part of her 9 month old life real quick even though her photog friend is coming in town to take their family photos next week.}  I'll be posting a couple more pictures on my fishy face photography blog soon.

1 comment:

Lacey McKay said...

What an awesome location! I would like to take some pictures there, when me and the girls come visit you. Maybe next summer!

I love the baby's dress and bloomers! Did you take any pics of her by the big trees?