Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dylan went to camp!

7/31/10   Here's my baby Dylan.  He went camping last Saturday night.  It was a hot evening, so maybe that's why he didn't wear a shirt. 
He was equiped with an air mattress, his pillow and green blanket, and flash lights of course. 
Isaac stayed at home in his warm PJs with me. 
Did I mention that Dylan's tent
was set up
 in our LIVING ROOM! 
Of course it was silly.  It's too hot outside, we need air conditioning.
We still made s'mores.

Steven and I slept in the tent with our babies.  Not the best rest, even with A/C. But I only want to remember the good parts, like how Isaac's hand always reaches for something familiar, and how Dylan woke up to me shining a flash light on them so my camera could try to focus on something.
G' Night.

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