Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lido Beach

My new photoshop is almost here.  Until then, I decided to stop getting so far behind with blogging, so here you go, all SOOC even though these could at least use some good cropping. 
Jolyn invited me to the beach on Wednesday because she schudeled a Relief Society (church women's organization) outing.  Even though it's over an hour away and I live like 15 min from the beach, I couldn't think of a good reason not to go.  Unless I decided to count cleaning up the grilled chicken pieces that Isaac left on his plate at his little table last night.  That can wait.  We have a bug guy.
So we put in the Letter Factory (thanks for the tip, Marcie) and sang "A says a, B says b . . . " all the way down. 
Dylan's nose has a cut from an accidental toy throwing episode yesterday.  He doesn't blame Malia, but he wanted a band-aid with "that white stuff that makes it all better that you put on the band-aid pleeeeeeeeease." I took this picture, then left my camera in the car.  The locked and ear-shot alarmed car.  I am still worried about sand, so I don't take it out unless I can asure its safety.  Which I did, after Jolyn got there. 
The kids play so well together now. 
We like ths family:)
Shaylyn ate her share of sand. And loved it:)
That's why she had to go sit in the water with her matching skinny mommy.
I can't get enough of her.
I gave her mom this scrabble tile necklace from her 6 month photoshoot. 
Her dad requested that I single out her blue eyes like this. 
I'm now offering these to my clients for only $15!  That's such a good deal. 
My friend makes them with my images that you choose from our session. 
White kid can JUMP!

Isaac was really playing with 2Dylan's boogie board.  Of course there were no waves, but he kicked with it, and even got a little bit of a rash on his chest.  I'll pack a rash guard for him next time. 
This is Malia.  She found these little conch shells, and was gathering crowds.  She showed strangers out in the water, and her friends on land. 
I love how the kids are old enough to work and play together.
Hi babies!
 (YOU try to get them to all look up into the cloudy bright sky at once.)
See Malia's conch cridder collection?  There were live animals in there.
I could have stayed all day, but we had naps to take, swimming lessons to teach, and Young Womanhood Recognition Ceramonies over which to preside.  So, afer rinsing all of the toys, and saying our good byes, we filed to the showers, the little kids got nude (Isaac was not in that order, and Jolyn texted me that a kid told his mom that he had just seen a naked kid - MY naked kid).  Anyway, I put their clothes in little piles and had them each go get dressed.  It's so nice that Dylan and Malia don't need me, and Isaac and Noah try. 
  It still takes a while leaving the beach, but it's so worth it:)  We love Florida!


The Stevens said...

I love reading your posts. I am so glad you came to hang out yesterday. I know it was a LONG drive! I might have to steal some pictures from you :)

Linda said...

Thanks for posting such cute pictures!!! Hope you don't mind me checking them out! Jolyn's mom!!!