Thursday, August 19, 2010

Anniversary Flowers

Steven got me flowers for our anniversary. 
I wanted to take a picture of them so I could remember them. 
So I loaded up the kids in the double stroller, laced up my running shoes, and ran to Lake Seminole Park. 
I was so sweaty and it was so humid that my lens kept fogging up.  What a dreamy-effect pain.
Then Dylan and I waited while Isaac had to go potty. 
Lately I've been searching for the light. 
Dylan asked "Is there sparkle in my eyes now Mom?"
Their hair gets sweaty so quickly.  I just go with it.  These pictures are so I can remember how they are right now, and that's how they are now! 
Dylan asks "why do you take so many pictures Mom, why?"
I tell him it's so I will remember every part of their lives.
And their cute personalities.
When I first found out that I was having a baby, I pictured a boy.  It's because I have little brothers, and I have babysat mostly boys.  One thing I love about brothers is how they laugh while they wrestle.  It gets rough some times, but they don't ever stay upset.
We went back to the little creek, the whole point I ran in the hot Florida sunshine pushing 2 kids and a stroller packed with everything but the kitchen sink and shirts for us. 
I wanted to try out this location for future photo shoots.
This one isn't my favorite shot of my Dylan, but I was practicing getting both eyes in focus even at an angle like this. 
And I kinda do like his little expression here.  There's no fooling him, he knows what I'm up to. 
Oh yea, back to the bouquet of flowers from my honey. 
I love this one.
Boys fishing with flowers.
OK, so I did pack shirts for them, and a picnic lunch. 
Isaac was more into cleaning than into playing at the park. 
I just watched as they played.  They're like tough boys at times, but Dylan wanted me to walk over to the red turtle with him because there were other kids in the area.  Then he just wanted to rest.  I wasn't planning on taking any photos at the playground.  I was just going through the photos, but my kids are so cute, don't you think?
Then we ran home and swam in our pool.  Man I'm glad we have a pool.


Lacey McKay said...

Awesome pics Tiff! I can see you are playing around more with creative angles and DOF! I love the one of Isaac with his feet in the water, looking back up at you. Very cool! How did you get the one of yourself? Is that a reflection of the car window or something? That one needs an explanation! Did Dylan take it?

Tiffany said...

yes Dylan took it w/ my point and shot. I almost posted the pic of him taking it of me, but i didn't love it. I know, I don't love all of the pics here, but it's not my ff blog. I almost had a disclaimer for you, Lacey, about why I still posted pics if I didn't love them. It's b/c this is my documentary of how I'm improving and learning, and it's still my kids so I don't want to stress about this blog:)
and I know I could get better shots of other people's kids. My kids already know all of my tricks:)

The Stevens said...

I love these pictures and that location is great. Maybe we'll have to come up there for our next photo shoot. I like it. You do have such cute boys and coinsidentally, as I was looking at your blog, Dylan said, "mom, we haven't been to my friend Dylan's house for a while, maybe we can go after lunch?" Cute!