Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Utah for the weekend!

This is how my SLC, UT weekend started.
Delicious oatmeal with my mom. 
and it only got better.

On Wednesday afternoon, the kids were supposed to nap.  They didn't, but that's ok.  They hung out with Liz 'til Steven got home. I flew with my mom, Don, and JT.  I read a book for part of it, then played Monopoly on JT's iTouch.  We met up with Kat, Martin picked up JT from us and we laughed for a bit before seeing Kat's new SLC place.  We woke up, picked up the rental car, and ate at the Corner Deli/Bakery/Something at the mall where my good friend Cami works!  Thank you Mom for my oatmeal, and thank you Kat for eating the bananas in it:) 
I got to see Cami that morning before our impromptu SLC picnic with family.  I was jealous that she was going to leave to go see Emmalee that weekend and almost said yes to driving with her, 'til I realized I was there for a beautiful SLC temple wedding weekend.  Stephen and Stepheni were getting married that weekend!!!!!!!!  More on that later, I just had to post the first photo from my camera:)

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