Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I ♥ church youth

I'm loving having the excuse to do so many fun and good and quality things because of my calling at church. 
I got to go to the beautiful Orlando temple (where Steven and I got married) and got to ride in my own comfy mini van listening to uplifting iPod music thanks to one of my YW girls.  (That's a plus because I also got to go running in the morning instead of going on the bus with the rest of our congregation.) We're planning fun activities doing things like salsa dancing and cupcake decorating and good scripture reading programs.  This is getting better all the time:)
Look how cute these kids are.  It's funny that all of the color is on the right. 
This is our bishop.  He's the best.  He really cares about the youth at any cost.  He spends so much time to make sure that everything runs smoothly, including paying for this whole group to go to a yummy dinner at Chevy's on our way to Lakeland. 
Here we are at the youth dance.  It's fun to dance, I don't dance enough, most people don't I think. 
Here's my brother, doing his dance with some glasses some girl put on him.  I love him:)  And so do the other youth.  He is friends with everybody, so other kids circle around him.  Or maybe they think he's weird. 
Either way, I hope you kids all have a fun first day at school in the morning!  I can't wait to hear about it! 

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