Sunday, August 8, 2010

"Ooga Booga" . . . . . "AAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

My little baby boy went from crawling,
to dancnig around with glee because A says aaaaaaaaah, and he made a match!
My friend Danielle told me about the Leap Frog fridge letters, which didn't make that good of an impression at my house, but now, after Marcie told me about the Leap Frog movie that goes with it, and the flash cards, we have a break dance through! 
Isaac loves making matches, like his super heros to the super heros in his books, so now he recognizes letters, and matches their magnet with their flash card, with their sound, with the dollar store wall-alphabet thingy. 
then he's over it before I can video it, and goes to play on the couch. 
Dylan seems to think that he already knows them, and it's not as exciting for him.  He doesn't know them all, and he's a little frustrated I think.  I do try to have patience with him, but sometimes I can tell that he's not consentrating and is distracted or is looking at photos instead of at the letters I'm pointing to.  It's a fun time for us, lots of potential for learning! 

But why are there so many dificult things to reading, I mean capitols, lower cases, different fonts with wierd looking "a"s and "g"s, and all of the letter sounds (not just one per letter.)  Dylan gets irritated that the colors on the flash cards do not match the letters on the movie.  He likes everything to be in order. 

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