Saturday, July 17, 2010

Young Women Values

I'm the new Young Women president again, but for Seminole Ward this time.  That's the church youth group leader for girls 12-18. 
The first week, I was thrown into camp. 
I went to the talk by Lori Emery, the faith walk, and testimony meeting.  I wore a skirt and casual sandals (yes with a heel).  I came home at like 11 or 12 smelling like camp.  I love that I got to be there for that though. 

Next is Youth Conference.  There's a lot to organize and plan.  The real thing I am excited about though, is getting to know these girls.  I'm getting lots of good ideas and am so happy to be able to just go out and do them!  For our first activity, we made blankets.  Another idea I had the fist day was this photo.  I found out that there's another value added to the regular seven.  So, I wanted an updated something for our facebook page-to-be. 
I had the girls bring nail polish and borrowed my babysitter's. 
Here's my final product that I kept changing.  It makes me happy:
I wish so badly that all of our girls had been there.  SO badly, but it's still a fun group of girls that came to paint toes, then to set up for the church party. 
I didn't give our babysitter her nail polish back.
Isaac found it and asked if I would paint his thumb (like I do for Dylan's thumb w/ yucky polish so he doesn't suck it at nights).
I said yes to one toe nail.
He asked again.
I said yes.
He asked again, then again. 
I don't know if I should say that "real men wear nail polish" or that I'm ready for a baby girl.  He's so cute:)  I do want a baby girl, but just not any time soon.  It's fun to think about. 
Oh, and yes we did return the nail polish:)


Lacey McKay said...

That pic is so cute and creative! I think you should share it with the church. I can imagine them printing it up poster size and handing them out to YW all over to hang on their bedroom walls. Wouldn't that be so neat?

Jaynee said...

adorable!! Isaac is soooo cute!