Saturday, July 17, 2010

My camera, at the beach, dun dun duuuuun.

I'm paranoid.  I have a photography business.  If anything happened to my camera, like getting sand in it, it would take me a really long time to earn enough money to buy another one.  I'm saving (in theory) for a full frame camera, a new lense, underwater back drops, a set of tutus, knitted newborn props, and clear bags.  This list is never ending actually. 
Anyway, I've turned down beach photos before but I've recently had 4 people ask me to do beach photos for them.  Duh, the beach is BEAUTIFUL, has full sun, and hello, we live in Florida!  Even I have had our family beach photo session when I was pregnant with Isaac (By Lacey of course, Steven flew her here for my birthday and agreed to a non-Christmas-card-family-photo-session!) 


I am now thinking that every family NEEDS a beach family photo.  Families may not want a lot of color pop.  They may just want the white shirt and khakis.  Who am I to say what people want? 
So, I pretended I didn't remember what the beach looks like, and went with my boys.  I don't have many evening hours, so we went at high noon.  (Usually a huge no-no for beach lighting.)  I wasn't expecting quality, but was just going to scope out the scene. 
Dylan asked who was going with us and was baffled that we were going just the 3 of us.  I was a little baffled myself, and almost called a couple of people even after I was on my way.  I like to multi-task and hanging out with friends is a priority of mine. 
But I resisted and spent the time to bond with my boys and get over my sand-in-the-camera-phobia. 

I sat right on the sand and watched Dylan run back and forth to me, then to jumping into and over the waves and back.  (after our picnic, see post below)
Isaac and his jelly face was holding out for me to put my camera down so I could go in the water with him.
Before going in with them, we went for a little walk. 
Dylan's jump reminds me of the way one of my brothers would jump.
I love these boys.  I told them how much I love the time when it's just the 3 of us.  Especially when we finally did get in the water and I held both of them as we watched as the waves came at us and splashed us in our ears. 
I told them we could go play in the water now. 
Then I asked them to stand for a photo. 
Isaac didn't have to verbalize his "no thank you."
Success, enough for me, let's play!
(That means no more pictures.)
Maybe one.
K, gotta run, see ya!

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Lacey McKay said...

These are awesome Tiff! You are way better at shooting in direct sunlight than I am. And I think you should take your camera to the beach more often. Even if it got a little sand in it, it wouldn't be the end of the world! I mean, couldn't you just pay to have it cleaned?