Friday, July 16, 2010

Don't Feed The Seaguls!

We went for a little picnic at the beach.  We sat in the sea oats on our own little blanket.  (It's actually my baby blanket and I still love the way it smells.)  I can't believe I caught this bird red handed!  Alsmost anyway, he took a bite right after Dylan did!  If you're not from Florida, you may think that's cool, but it is NOT!  Tourists feed the birds, so now they expect it and are not shy at all. 
I had Dylan sit down and it was all ok:) 
An old local (you can tell) asked if he could take my picture.  He told me about his kids and grandkids and took 2 pictures for me on auto.  I was happy that somebody offered, but he wasn't somebody I felt comfortable making requests to get Isaac's swimsuit in the photo too.  We were all coordinated with that color of blue:)  I still love Isaac's PB&J face and how the boys want to be close to me b/c they were a little skeptical of the guy.  Isaac makes sure he's touching me if he's ever worried that I'll leave.  (Like when he's going to sleep and is overly tired and doesn't want me or Steven to leave his side.) 

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