Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's Pajama Time! JAMA jama JAMA jama P. J.

After Steven left for work, and we ate our french toast, we had a pajama dance party this morning!  (don't really click to look inside the book, I just stole the pic from
And if you're wondering where the pictures of my silly hair cut are, I took some last night.  Not the long piecy layers.  From the back it looks like she took a knife and sawed my hair to cut it, but didn't go all the way through.  The length is deceptive. 
Look what happens when I put it in a pony tial.  I have a couple of strings hanging down.  I basically have a rat tail.  I wear a pony tail a lot, at work, and at soccer always. 
Of course I'll be cutting those off. So I will have lost like 6 inches or more. I should have donated the minimum 6 inches to Locks of Love. It's pretty funny. I know it's insulting to good hair dressers to say that I could do a better job, but really. I will next time. You get what you pay for sometimes, and I didn't pay much. I don't think I'll be going back to the Aveda school.  It's funny to me, and thought I'd share:)


Lacey McKay said...

Did her instructor see your hair? You should send her these photos or go back in and show her, if you haven't cut it off yet. I can't believe she let you leave the salon like that. You definitely could have done a better job yourself! Yikes! What was she thinking?

Lindsay said...

Oh no!! I used to always go to the schools to get my hair cut, but I have curly hair, so it is harder to mess up! Kind of funny at the same time cause you can still fix it.

Kat Gille said...

Yeah, the rat tail is pretty bad. Dang. Maybe Mom should add hairdresser to her list of what professions we should have in the family--like orthodontist and attorney. Sheesh!