Friday, June 4, 2010

a special temple trip

My cousin Chrissy died before getting to go through the temple.  We can get additional blessings when we go to and through a temple.  It is special to me, (ask me for more info), but I can share how excited I was to be able to go through on behalf of Chrissy last Saturday so she can have the eternal blessings she deserves.  She's someone who would give something 100% if she wanted to, and I bet she was waiting and was as excited as I was my first time. 
And I'm not pregnant.  Why did my dress pooch out like that when I jumped?  Time to step up the marathon training!


The Stevens said...

So this is the picture you were telling me about. Trust me, you do not look pregnant! That's sweet what you did for your cousin!

Scott Dodds said...

How cool is that! What an awesome thing you got to do. :-) from karissa