Monday, June 7, 2010

Oral Cancer Walk (and 5K run)

I'm the Pinellas County Dental Hygiene Association president, so occasionally you'll see oral health related posts like this one.  My friend Kimmeuy just graduated, but has done most of the prep work as a student - amazing! 

We're putting on the
oral cancer
awareness walk

Did you know that Oral Cancer is often called the silent killer?  By the time it's found, it's often too late.  This is a fund raiser with free oral cancer screenings and we will not only raise money for the Oral Cancer Foundation, but we will raise your awareness.
We're doing a competitive 5K with awards for age groups (we'll take your age when you sign in), and a fun 1 mile walk/run.  We decided that kids should be free.  Leashed pets are also welcome!  There's no excuse not to go:)  You can buy extra Tshirts (since this IS a fund raiser) for $10 for the kids or people who just want to go to the health fair part or for souvenirs.  ALL of the proceeds will go to the Oral Cancer Foundation

So, we're looking for participants, but more importantly, we're also looking for big sponsors!  And for vendors who want to give freebies in the goodie bags or treats etc.  Even a friend who owns some Dunkin' Donuts stores is going to provide coffee and/or bagels and/or donuts for us.  At first I thought that a donut place would be ironic for this, but now I see that anybody could be involved!

We're looking for other health care providers to set up a table to offer other screenings or just pass out their pamphlets.  We're looking for people who want to sponsor with money for their names to be on the shirts, bags, banners, etc.  Do you know of anybody?  Do you want to participate? 
You can also join our facebook event for updates.
The registration forms and letter can be found on our website or click below:

feel free to print and distribute to your patients, clients, friends, family members, etc. Put them on your desk or counter or take them to the networking lunches you go to.  Save the picture in this post and link to if you want some new flare for your website/blog!  All this info is under our calendar on that home page.  (And you're invited to my networking meeting I'm going to hold before our next general PCDHA meeting Oct 7th - the info is also on the home page there.)

It's on Ft. Desoto Beach, so you know you want to make a whole beach day out of it - Ft. Desoto always wins the awards for best beaches ever and top beaches in the US etc.

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