Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dylan swims the length

Dylan LOVES being in our pool.  He wants to go in morning, noon and evening.  So when we're  home, that's exactly what we do:)  He hasn't had swimming lessons, but since both Steven and I were swimming teachers ourselves, we had him in from the beginning.  The thing is, it's soooo dificult to teach my own kids b/c it's dificult to differentiate from fun mommy time to structured lesson time.  I'm focusing more on safety with Isaac than getting him to swim.  I wish I could afford to take time off of work to take Isaac to ISR swiming lessons like the ones I get to take pictures of.  Anyway, we still see what Dylan can do every once in a while and he can do it! 

Dylan loves the attention.  Notice his ring that he insists on wearing on his palm side?  And his silly bandz?  He got some in a goodie bag from a birthday party and had them on ever since.  Now I'm hearing in the news what a distraction they can be - now why didn't I think of them?:)

In this video, he is actually laughing and looking at me a little in the end.  He needs to learn how to side breath, and if he weren't my kid and I were getting paid, by now he would know how to blow his air out under the water and would side breath (and his arms would extend more), but I love that he loves the water:) 


Kat said...

Ohmygosh, but it looks like he's getting so tuckered out at the end that I want to pull him to safety to make sure he doesn't drown!

And what are bandz? Like rubber bands? And they're a distraction from what?

Tiffany said...

kids trade the jelly stretchy bracelets b/c they're different colors and shapes. like trading cards or something. dylan just likes to wear them, like rays shorts or something.