Thursday, June 3, 2010

Green Smoothies

So my dad showed me a green smoothie girl website a while ago thinking that I could relate to the lady I guess.  I am a wannabe.  I wannabe healthy, but I don't put in the time and effort.  I saw a new friend's blog and she's so healthy for her and her daughters.  I wanna be like that.  Then late nights when my TV is boarderline annoying over to my right (like now), infomercials come on.  I wannabe able to throw in a whole apple to a cool expensive blender like they do!  I priced expensive blenders and thought about putting it on my long list of stuff I want when I'm rich.  Then, my younger yet wiser brother, Matt, told me that he has been making the green smoothies for himself so he'll drink something a bit more healthier than the free soda at his office.  He has a regular old blender from Target.  So, here goes!   

I started like some video tutorials with water, then lettuce, then strawberries, skipping the flax sead oil- what?!  I even added some sweet potato puree that we had along with some quartered apples and ice.  I gave it to my kids who did NOT like the green coming up through their straw.  So I had them watch me add more strawberries to make it pink.  I had to bribe them with a lollipop to get them to drink some more.  That defeats my health kick.  I offered some to Steven and after his smalles sip EVER, he informed me that he could taste the carrot.  There's NO carrot in it! 

So, I decided not to go too crazy and added more fruits than lettuce.  Here's another attempt: 
I added Juicy Juice mango juice instead of water.  Orange juice works too.  I'm not too into the apple juice and apples in my smoothies.  Look, I even added some left over steamed broccoli from the night before.  I now use spinach and fill the whole blender up with it, and it doensn't taste as much like grass.  I recomend that. 
Note my green bowl for the lid.  This is an old blender, possibly from our wedding registry, possibly from my dad or Steven's mom's house.  I've used it probably once before - maybe?  Who knows where the lid is.  Doesn't it look gross? 
Quickly add some color!  I use frozen mixed berries and even frozen cranberries.  My blender chops them up better than ice.  I use the smaller pieces of ice and they work. 
Fresh pineapple!  Is your mouth watering yet, or are you still wierded out?
It looks so good to me! 
I add natural honey sometimes, and my friend Sarah gave me the idea to add wheat germ.  I've heard it's not best to mix fruits and vegies.  I'm not going to let that get to me though.  My kids are eating their fair share of fruit and vegie servings, and are eating raw foods.  I'm making them every day now! 
I've always loved smoothies, and loved when the smoothie chains in South Beach say to me "no sugar, right?" because that's the norm there. 
Do you know what's ironic about this apple-a-day and green smoothie thing?  Isaac was sick asleep on the couch in the other room with his fever - right when we were being healthy, we got sick.  Oh well, I'm doing it for the convenience and deliciousness and easy clean up about it. 


Kat Gille said...

Wow, you're such a good mom and so healthy! But the green smoothies really did look nasty. :/ So your blender handles frozen berries fine? Mine just kinda knocks off the edges and makes nicely rounded frozen chunks of whatever. Then again, my blender will celebrate its tenth birthday in a couple of months ... and it was a cheap one way back when!

(and FYI, the word verification thing is almost making me type a swear word ... just wanted to tell someone that cuz it's midnight and I think it's funny)

Kat Gille said...

Oh, and I really like the pineapple wedge on the rim of the glass in the last picture. And the windowsill shot. Very artistic!

Golubka said...

Great job, Tiffany, and wonderful photos! For us, a simple mix of greens, fruit, and water works the best, even in a regular blender. We love the colors too :)