Sunday, June 6, 2010

Busch Gardens w/ my boys




I dont think these pictures need captions.  We played in the water, then we climbed the tree for a while.  Sadly, I left my phone with the stroller which was in eye sight from the water and from the tree b/c it wasn't waterproof like my camera.  Jake and Brent worried because I didn't answer my phone.  My stroller was right where it was when they left to ride a roller coaster.  I felt bad when they called their mom worried.  Were we in the tree that long really?  Sorry Jake and Brent! 

Dylan is the one who kept asking me to take his picture,
then little "monkey-see-monkey-do" wanted to show off too. 
We were all safe and sound eating icecream and popcorn watching Elmo and friends.
Dylan didn't know what he was getting himself into when he agreed to go on this roller coaster w/ Jake and Brent. 
His face here isn't exactly happy with Jake.  They looked at the pictures on the screens and Dylan did NOT want to buy it b/c his face was so terrified.  Brent was cheezin' it up though:)
Now this is more like it. 
The rides shut down b/c of really dark clouds coming and thunder and lightning sightings.  We were pretty much done anyway. 
Ready to see Brent working on his acting skills? he thought it would add to the picture. 
I agree:)  but do you see all of that rush hour traffic?  yuck.
Thank you, Bonnie, for our passes! 

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The Stevens said...

Yay, we love Busch Gardens. We'll have to go together soon!