Saturday, January 3, 2015

Good and day, stressful moment

I started out the day with just my kids. We went for a run, and had a great day to start off on the right foot. Then the Crews came over and we started playing Monopoly. My friend told me she needed to come over to borrow my baptism dress for a picture of her daughter and her baby who are going to be baptized and blessed the next weekend. I figured why not. My dad was over and was working on his computer on the couch.
She came over with her three kids so we put Monopoly away and had all the kids go play in the backyard. I took a picture of her daughter but she also had her camera and said she didn't even need my pictures she didn't want to put me out. I let her daughter use my CTR ring because that's what I had done with Dylan for his baptism pictures. We took pictures in the little wooded area space next to my house. Then I wanted to go into the front by our tree. When we were by the tree, I noticed my CTR ring was gone. Also, the little girl didn't mind sitting down on the ground before I put a blanket down to keep my dress nice. But I did catch her in time so that was okay. Then her mom asked if I had let the seamstress know that I wanted to save some of the fabric for my own baptism dress. No, I had told her and figured she would tell the seamstress. So I was kind of confused as to why she had not told her. I knew that there would probably be not that much fabric left, and was fine with it initially, but then thought how cool it would be to have my daughter baptized in my dress, then have her own specially made dress for wearing after for her confirmation. But that was okay. So those little things -- losing my CTR ring, having the little girl not want to change out of my dress and go play outside in the backyard, and realizing that there would be no scraps of my dress left for Julia's baptism, it was a little bit weird. But then, all of the kids started coming back inside and one of her daughters had brought a whole shovel of sand in and dumped it on the kitchen floor. My kids should have told her to keep the sand in the sandbox and the dirt in the dirt bike is our major rule with the sandbox. But I didn't have enough arms to be inside and outside. So I have cleaned that up, and was starting to get some yogurt because she had not eaten that morning. But then, her daughter was inches away from spilling juice onto the carpet. I caught her when she is only spilled it on the tile. Of course my kids should've left to do is higher up, but it was hard for me to regulate that many kids. I got stressed out when I had to put my baby down, who started to cry, so I could put two of her children back outside and I can clean up the mess. The problem was actually that both my dad and the other mom was sitting on the couch talking about or complaining about their family members. They went to one upping each other with which one was worse. So that was the final straw. I told them that it was hard for me to deal with all of the messes while neither one of them was picking up my crying baby or helping and I was not handling it well and I said that they were bringing my morale down by talking bad about family members. I felt really bad because I know I embarrassed both of them and myself, but I did not know what was going to happen next and I really just wanted to be able to have a good solid day with the kids that I was supposed to watch. I did not mind if her kids were in the backyard and I told her that but I just got stressed out. Once everything settles down, we actually had a good little family night listen out in the back. We did two of the stories that my mom had made visual aids for the primary talks for us. One of them they can sing the song "if I obey, I can be happy all day." So we ate Popsicles just like in the story. It was a pretty day and we had a good time. My friend and I talked and made up after. She did not know that her daughter had lost my ring. And she did not know that she was supposed to tell the seamstress about fabric. She also did not know that she should pick up my baby. And she wanted to be able to talk about her family and my home she was also being nice my dad brought it up.

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