Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Colombia Day 3: Dylan's high point

After the Lunch, we heard there was an amazing desert place next to a park. The boys were excited to be able to run with their soccer balls. The girls did some happy eye raking and laughing then crashed. 
We got stuck in traffic and turned off the car for quite awhile. Julia was sleeping so I didn't mind. They were doing road work and only let one side of traffic go at a time. 
We went to the ariquípe factory store. It was like a grocery store of dairy products, pastries, and beverages. 
Leonardo carried Julia and refused to let me help. So nice! 
The weather was so lovely. A little cool. 
I think Julia had her first desert. Leo shared his. 
The boys scarfed theirs and played soccer. 
It is the perfect set up. 

Julia went down her first slide :) 
It was sooo good to fe free and outside and playing! 
Poor Tyler slept through the whole thing. We did not get anything to go which surprised me. We did not even get an exrta water though. 
The boys played with their uncles. 
I noticed some boys sitting on the swings and asked if they wanted to play too. They studied English in school and knew we were from los Estados Unidos. They were as excited to be playing with us as Dylan was to be playing with real Colombians. A dream come true!!!

That night, I stayed in with the kids while Steven and Andre met up with Marlene who told them all kinds of family stories. 

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