Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Colombia Day 4: Art studio

Meet the artist. H. Segura. Leonardo's dad lives under their Bed and Breakfast. His home here, is his art gallery. He has many collections and uses many mediums. They are amazing. He was dressed so nicely too. First we went to the top to check out the B&B. The buildings are so old and interesting. There is a barbed wire-ish defence made out of broken bottles. 
The rooms are nice. Dylan tried out the hammoc. 
The front room must be for dancing:) 
There is a turf grass area like a porch. No yard, so this is a little nook instead. 
There are no screens anywhere. 
Okay, so back downstairs, look at some oc the art! He had fragrant roses growing outside his door.  
I like that the fruits are so tropical in the Cezan style still life. 
Some of the  parrots were 3D. He used plaster. Dylan is pointing to his favorite. 
He took us to the clown room. So whimsical. Each one was a depiction of a place or had a meaning. 
This one used pencil, colored pencil, pastel, and perhaps paint. It is of many places in Cartagena. He gave us a souvenir to match the car. 
In this canvas, the clown is teaching children about the importance of keeping our planet healthy. 
I absolutely love his art studio. Love. My grandpas were artists and I always loved that. 
Leo and his dad showed the kids some cassette tapes. 
Bye! I would like a piece oc his artwork. 

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