Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Day

We started off bright and early. All of the kids slept in bed with me since Steven is on a road trip with Jonathan taking him to BYU by way of my brother Matt's and my sister Kat's houses. Tyler woke up first. It was around 7. He let us sleep for a little while but then had me wake up to go wipe his bottom. I tried telling him that he's old enough to do it himself so now I'll be working on practicing that. Dylan didn't wake up till about 815 which is like an hour later than usual. Julia woke up next and then Isaac woke up. We started off with a morning jog where Tyler got some flowers, and we found some firewood for the fire we would be starting that evening and a fire pit.
We found a little spot to take pictures of Julia for her eight month birthday.

If I had a better camera, it could have been beautiful. There was an orange tree that I noticed for the first time. We knocked on the door and the lady across the street told us it was a vacant house so we went ahead and picked the oranges.
We went to the store to get things before oil dinners, and while we were picking up sweet potatoes, Dylan and I giggled and told me that Tyler had fallen asleep. I thought he would fall asleep on the way home, sleep right there in the cart. Unfortunately, that was his only nap of the day. 
I cleaned a little, Dylan took the ornaments off of the tree, and when my dad got home, he took the tree out and before I could even see what he was doing he had already wacked the branches off with his big huge machete.
My boys enjoyed helping to chop the tree trunk. They found the saws but preferred to use the hatchet.

When they were looking for the saws, Tyler came running out with his. Perfect.
While they chpped outside, I chopped up the vegetablesinside and made the foil dinners. We had a good fire going.
But I did not realize we couldn't just put the four oil dinners in the fire, you're supposed to wait and have hot coals over and under them so we didn't eat dinner till after 7 PM. It was a really long process that took all day. I also made some black-eyed peas in the crockpot that were not very good, but it's good luck. My mom and dad came over and brought delicious homemade hot chocolate mix with marshmallows. So we had that before foil dinners which were eaten after black-eyed peas and during Smore's time.
It was not cold outside really at all just a little bit of a cool breeze but I was actually hot outside. Tyler ended up taking off his pants and he ran out of pants he 
had on. 

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