Saturday, January 24, 2015

Colombia Day 4: Monserrate

Steven had a plan for every day when we were in Bogotá. He had a plan for us to go to Montserrat on I believe it was the first day. But that day, we did Natalia's plan instead. So this day, we told Leonardo that we wanted to go here for sure. He took us around the city and this was our second stop after showing us his bed-and-breakfast and his dad's artwork. We had to take the stroller because Tyler was very nervous about his legs not working again. It was a little bit of a pain, but definitely worth it. Tyler was too scared to walk. We went up the mountain one way, and down the mountain another. I was honestly pretty nervous to start going. The car was really big, and I wasn't too sure of this Third World country's mechanism. It started out tilted. We heard that all up but what I would be really really cold, windy, and sometimes drizzly. We heard this and would not even come out. So we packed sweaters and jackets and hats and mittens. On this day, Steven did not even take his jacket. I took mine, but it came off pretty quickly even on top of the mountain.
at the top, we experienced our first time we had to pay to use the bathroom. They had us to pay to get toilet paper. Isaac just ran past the attendant not knowing, or needing toilet paper, but on the way back, she made me pay for him. On the way up, they were different stations Jesus is crucifixion. It was much like the salt mine cathedral's. In the salt mine, when they talked about the first, second and the third fall of Jesus, I thought they were talking about the fall as if Jesus fell just like Adam did or something. But seeing the statues, it is when Jesus literally fell down because of the weight of the cross. So I understood a little more from our uphill 

Barbie and I had seen some dandelions on out other hike, or actually on our drive up to the hike. We had looked for some but they were all still yellow while we were waiting. On this hike, Leo showed the boys the white dandelions. He told us that we could eat the leaves also. I had heard that the baby dandelion leaves were edible and good in salad. Barbie and I thought it would be so cute for Clara to blow the little dandelions. Doe has Clara how to blow the down feathers from the pillow. And I wanted to show my kids also. Steven thought to video them in slow motion and has the best video ever.

On the top of the mountain, there is a beautiful church. It can be seen from the city below.
there is a church on the other hand next to it also. Steven and I did a selfie see you can see that mountain.
The stained glass was bent in on one window and out on another. 
There was a market at the top. 
We spotted jerseys. Dylan was excited. 
We got one for isaac only though. 
The corn tasted like delicious popcorn.
Leo held the backpack then the baby for us. So helpful!  
Tyler reluctantly got out of the stroller. 
We went down by cable car. 
Tyler, the flower lover, stood up on his seat and looked at the beauty. 
We had to take a photo on the llama! 
So fun:) 

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