Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Colombia day 3: Salt mine

We saw the Cathedral de Sal in the saly mine. First we started out the day by going downstairs to get something for breakfast, and exchange some money.
Every time when Julia and clear of meat, it is like they haven't seen each other in so long. They are so happy to give each other hugs, kisses, and eye rakes. 
It was hot, so too he did not have your sweater dress on yet. 
Leonardo was meeting us in our room so the kids congregated around Andre while we waited.
Leonardo brat mangoes and Colombian pastries. Steven and Andre really like them, but Barbie and I think that they have an aftertaste that smells and tastes like a petting zoo. It is probably the oil that they fry foods in. 
We got in the car, and we went to the salt mine. Julia went to sleep. We did not use car seats on this trip, we did not even bring them. We heard that there may or may not be seatbelts, and that we would need to pile in tight spaces. She likes to sleep in the car. We wish we could, because we did a lot of driving, and that would make the time go by faster.
Juliet is pretty much spoiled now. She wants to be held all the time since she does not even have to be put down in the car seat. 
Tyler on the other hand, loves the stroller. I think he was scared that he would not be able to walk like when he got out the student sickness the day before. To me and Tyler stayed in the stroller through most of our tour. Then I got to the out. 
We waited for an English tour guide. It was worth the extra 10 minutes.
The walls were lined with salt. There was a lot of salt and iron pyrite in the mine. 
The minors wanted a place to worship while working, so they made a cathedral down in the mine. The first one that was built, started to collapse so that closed. This one, is only getting stronger because of the way the salt forms. There were no major injuries during the three years that it took to build the Cathedral.
The kids to find some salt in that keep it. Dylan actually found a piece of fools, when he asked to much it was and they told him that if he through. I guess we did not explain the sentimental value of mining his own rocks and minerals. 
A nativity scene! 
I bought one. 
We watched a small section of a light show on the ceiling.
This is the head of the main feature. It looks  3-D, but is actually a cut out.

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