Saturday, January 17, 2015

Day 1: traveling to Colombia

Public service announcement: Spirit airlines is a screwgie. Or at least it is not user-friendly. We could not check in online because we had an infant, and then Andre and Barbie could not sit together, but we could. They charge per bag, and prepaid for three bags over each got a half of the bad. And the max weight is on the 40 pounds. So Andre and Barbie had to pay $25 because they're bad was 15 pounds over. Two of our bags were exactly 40 pounds, and one was 3 pounds over. We were able to put some things in Steven's  carry-on. We knew one might be over since it had baby wipes and baby food. I packed as lightly as I could. 

Vacation time! Tyler asked if we were in the air yet. Nope. Then he was so happy to see the sights once we were. He was happy about getting to chew gum. Them he randomly asked. "When we get home can we see if there is any honeydew so we can cut it up and put it in a bowl and eat it and I love you." Random. 
Our layover was in Fort Lauderdale. It was not a very long layover which would normally be fine, but we had to leave the airport terminal and walk outside go to another terminal and go through security again. It was cool outside but sunny and pretty. We actually had them hold our flight so Steven could get us each a half of a wrap. The wraps were $12 each! Premaid gas station style but delicious. He also got us a bottle of water to share. 
Last call! We made it. Barely. 
On the next flight, Clara was with her parents in front of us. We heard her once. Not bad! It was a long 3+ hours. The seats do not recline. They are like massage chairs in that they are so thin that I felt the moves of the person behind me. The beverage and snack service was $3 minimum. As in no free pretzels or peanuts or ice water even. Luckily Don had dropped off a big box of trail mix packs. I had planned on taking granola bars but was too worried about the weight limits and having too much to carry on. I took a bunch of fruit snacks but Steven thought I was going overboard. He was worried about me taking more travel size Kleenex. Thank goodness Steven got the wraps for us to share. I was so hungry and they tasted so good.

No bags were lost! More transportation fun. 
Steven's cousin Natalia, Leonardo's daughter, steven's aunt Marlen, and aunt Elvirita came to greet us. They got us a driver. We at first thought that we were all going to pile into some vehicle! But they drove separately. 
The drive was cool. There was not a graffiti. And only half of a seatbelt freight person.
We filled out lots of paperwork at the hotel. But the rooms were worth it! Two huge rooms, for beds, two full baths, the kitchen, and amazing views from two huge windows.

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