Sunday, January 18, 2015

Day 1: evening with family

Marlen invited us to her place for dinner. It was not until 7 o'clock, so we had time to settle into our hotel room.
She had left her Christmas decorations up for us because she said it was like her second Christmas. She was so happy to have us. She had some things already on the table so beautifully set for us. My favorite was the little candy dish with peanuts in it. Steven's mom would always set out a dish with peanuts and other candy dishes with other things when we would  go to her house for get-togethers. 
She had fresh cut mangos, cherry tomatoes, sugar bananas, jello, cucumbers, tabouli, potato chicken salad, falafels, hummus, fruit loops, crackers, and something with meat inside. Oh, and raviolis. All homemade and fresh foods. They kept bringing more! 
Marlen also gave the kids toys. She gave the boys motorcycles that drive off and light up when a string is pulled. She gave the babies board books. She gave Andre a puzzle toy too. 😊
After we had finished eating, they sat down to eat. Leonardo's ex-wife and their son, Marlen, and her sister ate. Marlen is so good with children. 
The girls got their second wind and were ready to party! Dance dance. 
The boys were so tired. It hurt to look at them. 
Natalia came right before our drivers came to pick up her backpack and school supplies we brought her and tell us of the itinerary. I loved being in Marlen's house and visiting with them. 

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