Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Grey hair?

Dylan Photo bombed my hair photo. My friend Amber wanted to see the "after" picture of my highlights. Last night, I went to my friend Sarah's house. She used to rent a space in a salon but now does hair at her house. I went a little before 9pm last night. She cut my hair first then she did the highlighting and lowlighting. I told her that i had not used enough developer the last time so my hair was more orange or not really lighter. It was blended though. I do not get a chance to highlight it that often so it was okay. I told her that I had found a patch if some grey hairs about a month ago. Devastating. I plucked the first couple that I found. But there were more.
So she told me she would highlight me so the highlights and grey would blend so I did not need to worry about grey. Cool. I said "make me look pretty." I had planned I'm going to pick up some diapers for Julia on the way home. I had not planned on leaving the foils in but instead of waiting a half hour at her house and rinsing it out, she said I could go home, wait 10 minutes, and rinse it out myself. I left, but still had to get diapers. I felt silly, but figured I could run into a CVS and explain myself to the one clerk that would be in the store that late. But all the CVS's and Walgreens stores were closed. A neighborhood Walmart was open. I sat in the car and thought about it. I could not believe I was going to go into a store like this. But, it was Walmart. I figured I might blend in with the people of Walmart. When I went in, nobody even looked up and looked at me funny; like I was normal. I had a huge grin and was expecting to get some smarts back but nobody really thought anything of it. It was Dr brayer's birthday the next day, so I picked out a greeting card for our staff to all sign too because I knew I would not get up early. When I got home, Steven told me I was going to end up on some website. I probably will since I did #peopleofWalmart on Instagram. 

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