Thursday, February 6, 2014

3rd trimester

3 months to go!
Barbie made me a thoughtful paper chain with each link for each week with some update and an idea like eat yogurt or sing to my baby girl. I was not keeping track of what week I was on since there are so many other things to keep me busy. Well, another way to keep up with the countdown is when I schedule patients back to see me. Some come every 6 months. That was a milestone 3 months ago because I was not obviously showing and I could schedule the patients who do not appreciate me when I knew I would be on maternity leave. But some, whom I love, I scheduled before or after. Now it is time to schedule the patients who come every 3 months and I am having a hard time squeezing them in around my maternity leave.

I really feel this next phase. Verricose veins are back. Extra capillaries are forming on my ankles, today I have had heartburn, my lower back is hurting so much I limp and do not put pressure on my left leg in the evenings, I saw a chiropractor yesterday and I miss my naps! I am watching baby Clara, which is easy peasy and she is the sweetest most kissable baby, but I am non-stop picking things up behind Tyler and naps are not synchronized so I am going to bed early. Or am crashing with Tyler like my first trimester. That middle trimester went by too quickly!! Like labor pains, I live for those breaks. I still feel good and do not really need naps, but I do not need to check my paper chain to verify that I am in the third and final phase. I need to watch what I eat because I have gained enough already. 25lbs should be my max. Oops!

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