Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lucky vs. Blessed

My sister just shared an article on Facebook which called believers to action. One point made by Elder Dallin H. Oaks is that he wants us to continue to use religious references in Christmas and sympathy cards as well as personal greetings.
"We should also assert ourselves against the current trend to refrain from religious references even in private communications," he added. "In recent years the inclusion of religious symbols and reverent words in Christmas greetings and sympathy cards have almost disappeared. When we make choices on these kinds of communications, we should not participate in erasing sacred reminders from our personal communications. As believers, we have a duty to preserve the name and influence of God and Christ in our conversations, our lives and our culture."Read more at
I've been thinking a long time about the difference of telling my kids that they're lucky and pointing out how blessed they are. We used to say lucky. It's a little awkward to go back to pointing out how blessed they are. I also mention how I'm blessed instead of just lucky with how I trade babysitting with Corrie. My patients ask fairly frequently how I manage my kids and job and daycare especially since I keep having more kids. I'm extremely blessed with Corrie, a supportive husband, a boss who trusts me, and so much more! It's not luck. So now you know. I know that my and your God has a big hand in my life. And he's blessing me and my kids. That's my little way of standing as a witness of God in everyday situations without fear (ok, a little fear for some reason) about offending others or about talking about religion. Sometimes patients say I remind them of some neighbor they have - then say that that neighbor is religious and they use that as the lead-in to ask if I'm religious too. Yep! And the nice lady at the bakery, when my boys were wearing their ties before Dylan's baptism, I told her we were going to Dylan's baptism and she whispered, "Are you Christian? I am too." Why the whispers? Sad, but we're being respectful. I guess I can be respectful and still be standing firm. (Proud has a bad connotation.)

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