Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sleep time with Tyler

Tyler loves books. He loves the library too. He likes to get his own craft supplies in the little area there. 
Ivy and Tyler take turns bossing one another and sharing with each other. We read some and pick out books. 
At nap time, he does not want to nap. He fights it, sometimes pretending he will nap next to somebody, but he ends up giggling and running out. He will fall asleep in his car seat. So that is his usual napping spot. I tried the stroller in vain
so went to Publix hoping he would wait until the way home but this was his only nap. Actually the stroller was after.
On Monday he said he wanted to read books instead of going to sleep. Look what happened.
Oh yeah, he is extremely particular about his clothes. He prefers one of two 'triped shirts (the S is silent) and PJ pants or shorts that he picks out. His blue pirate shirt was his choice. He wore it 2 uninterrupted days. 
At bed time, he perches himself up on the boys' dresser and reads aloud. His bed time is later than the boys' so he keeps them up until I intervene.
And he picks where he wants to sleep. I thought my bed was pushing it, but since it has been cold, I have loved holding his hand and re-covering his "feetsies" at night. He senses the covers instantly and, annoyed, he kicks them off instantly usually. 
I keep snuggling and covering him anyway. Last night, however, he wanted to sleep on the couch. He was quiet so why not. 
I took him up to his bed but he awoke in protest. He wanted the couch and only the couch. So there he stayed. I covered him and put a soft landing pad for his next fall. (He had fallen off of the couch earlier.) Silly stubborn boy! 


Lindsay said...

Oh my gosh. He and my Ivy would be friends! She is a stubborn little thing too and is very particular about clothes. When I tell her that it is time to get dressed she follows me to her dresser and hovers while I open it up. She will freak out if I try to choose her clothes. Ha. Such cute kiddos

Vicki B said...

I've learned to let him sleep on the floor when he is good and ready (= falls over from tiredness!)