Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I prayed, therefore I found my wallet

You can read my last post to see how busy our Saturday was. I remember going into Publix with my wallet. I didn't take my purse b/c I had enough bags to take into the church (diaper bag, camera bag, bags with picture frames, grocery bags, etc). I had Isaac carry in my wallet. I asked him where it was once or twice while we were waiting for the food order inside. I of course paid for the food with it. I put the cake and sandwich platters and ice strategically in the car since we had other bags and kids filling up most of the van. When we got to the church, we took many trips in using the side kitchen door. Once we were in, while I was going over my talk, Tyler was going through the bags. I'm not an organized person but somehow I manage. Anyway, when we got to the flea market, I went to grab my wallet out of the diaper bag since I had gotten $20 cash back the night before and we invited Caroline to go with us so I didn't know if Steven had enough cash. No wallet. Hmm. My mind was a little frazzled so I couldn't place where I had left it. It puzzled me but I wasn't that worried. At home, after I napped and was clear-minded, I unpacked and cleaned the house. Still no wallet. Steven had the mini-van with the kids so I figured that maybe I had shoved it under a seat since I wouldn't be needing it in the church earlier. I thought about praying about it, but wasn't ready to go all-in looking for it so didn't. On Sunday, the next day, I did say a prayer to find it or to know where it was. I had a little bit of an uneasy feeling but didn't feel the need to cancel the credit cards just yet. I knew I should tell Steven but since I had no use for my wallet that day, I didn't. I didn't want to disappoint or worry him. Then Monday, once the kids were a little settled (there was no school today so I had all 6 kids and it's a government holiday, President's Day, so Steven got to be home with us as well), I asked my Heavenly Father again. I searched the car again. And again a few hours later. Finally, at 9:30 at night, I resorted to telling Steven. I told him the last place I was sure I had it was at Publix. He asked if it was at the Flea Market (b/c that's a crazy mess of a place). No. He instantly told me that I should probably call Publix. So I did. And it was in their safe! How crazy! They closed in 20 minutes so I put clothes back on (I had just showered and gotten in PJs) and went to claim my wallet. I took my Zoo pass as ID. I told them my ID was inside of it so they wanted me to be the one to come in to claim it. When there, I told them where my ID was inside and they were so kind. They did not say who turned it in although I asked. I do not remember if I had a kid carry the wallet out or if it was my job. I know Isaac had my keys. Steven does not know how I function. I don't either. But I do know that I'd be completely lost without the power of prayer! I use that all the time. I've always had the testimony of being able to either find things or have the feeling that I would not find it and to give up. This time, I did not find it right away, nor did I feel the feeling to give up. I just didn't listen that I had to tell Steven. He actually wasn't upset, just dumbfounded at how I could lose such a thing. I need him too.


Aunt Kat said...

Just today I prayed and therefore found my debit card. I had JUST gotten a new card on Monday because I had lost the previous one, and then I thought I was being very careful to remember to always put it back in its specific slot in my wallet, but then when I got home I couldn't find it. I couldn't believe I had already lost it again! So I prayed...and I found BOTH of the lost cards. The specific slot where I keep that card had a hole in the bottom so both cards had slid through into the inside, where I wouldn't have found it if I hadn't prayed and then thought to look there. I'm so glad Heavenly Father answers even seemingly small requests!

Vicki B said...

When you were little, your prayers were our secret solution. It may not be reverent, but your prayers could find keys and overdue library books every time!