Monday, February 24, 2014

30 weeks pregnant

I'm in my 3rd trimester. My paper chain Barbie made me is getting shorter! The symptoms are starting to reappear. Heartburn sometimes at random, back pain a little, tiredness, tummy cramps etc, waking up to roll over, people telling me they don't recognize me b/c I'm round all over (as they point to their facial region), etc. Nothing is that bad, but it's there. 

Last night I had a dream that I had the baby girl! We dropped the kids off at their designated area just in case and I went to get checked. I was so tired. I ended up being in labor and a nurse pushed with me for an hour. We weren't being aggressive and she was just helping me and I was dozing in between contractions. Then the baby's head popped out and it sort of scared the nurse! I hadn't even pre-registered for the hospital. I was excited, but then really irritated that I have ANOTHER February baby. 

My interpretation. My symptoms have me realize that I should start nesting and getting ready. I need to pre-register etc. I talked to my cousin last night about my plans on laboring at home as long as I can then going in to just have the baby really quickly with no epidural. And I know that my due date is in May, but it's the beginning of May, so she could come in April, and if she's one "month" early, why not two or three?! So dumb to think about, but I think that's what my brain was doing in the middle of the night. 

I'm getting excited to be able to just snuggle my own baby girl for once! It'll be something completely new. I want to go register at Target and Babies R Us. Not that I expect anybody to go look at it or buy me anything, but it's my last time, and I'll get a discount once she's here and it really hits me that I DO need some things. So yeah. I'm huge, clearly pregnant, and closer to the delivery than I was yesterday!

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