Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dylan's Baptism Day!

Today is Dylan's 8th birthday. In our church, we wait to baptize kids until they are old enough to make the decision themselves, and we believe that age of accountability is 8.

Thankfully, Dylan wanted freezer pancakes and fruit for breakfast so I could set out plates, forks, cups, and syrup and could pre-wash/cut the fruit the night before. I always stay up too late the night before an exciting day. I did it for Valentine's Day too, every night this week except for the one where I woke up freezing on the couch where I had accidentally fallen asleep instead of sewing a surprise present.

We woke up around 8. Dylan loved his bedazzled birthday crown and opened his presents from Great-Grandma, Aunt Kat, and from us. We had done a Lego themed crown for Isaac the day after we had gone to Lego Land and I wasn't in the mood to do that again. Steven suggested rocks and gems and crystals as a theme. Genius! Dylan had commented on the sparkles on some ice skaters' costumes that night.
We got Dylan some books for classifying his rocks and minerals. 

Like with Isaac, we also got him a partitioned bank with compartments for self, tithing, and savings. I'm going to be more hands-on with their money management. I'm going to implement an allowance soon to. 
I got him a baptism book too. I like his reaction. Since he was little, if he wanted to be gentle, he'd pet a baby or the delicate item with the back of his hand. He said "ooh, did somebody make this for me?" (It has his picture on the front.)  
Tyler opened some presents. Dylan actually thanked him instead of getting upset. But Dylan did want to open the big one. Kat bought a spirograph kit for Isaac and one for Dylan too. I always like Isaac's reactions to others opening presents. She gave him colored pens too. We used them for his sign-in page of his baptism book.

We ate the pancakes and were out the door by 9:15.
I took a car full of stuff and the kids to Publix. Being a pregnant mama with 3 trailing boys in ties was fun. The baker who gave us a cake wanted to give a big kiss to Dylan and wanted to hug my baby belly I could tell, she was so excited for us and for Dylan's baptism because she's Christian too. She gave Dylan TWO cookies instead of just one and she practically skipped over there after handing us the cake. Steven got the Chick-Fil-A nuggets and we met at the church. My mom and Don had come the night before, preventing any real Valentine's Day plans for them. They helped set up the rooms and even saved us with their ideas of table arrangements and finding plastic table covers for us. So in the morning we were there an hour and a half early to fill the font and finish setting up. I had to go through my talk one more time and had Dylan fix my typo on his baptism program.

Going through my talk was not easy with watching the boys check the water level of the font every couple of minutes, Tyler wanting to color like Dylan was, and the thoughts of finishing touches I wanted to do, so I gave up and went to take pictures of my firstborn.
My boys are so handsome.
 Yes, these two too.

Dylan's Great-Grandma Rebeck made the tablecloth. I'm so glad I thought to bring it! It had stains, but thankfully I had enough photos to cover them since I didn't have time to wash it. :) Kat made the temple print. I thought it was appropriate. And she supplied the pens! (And yes, Isaac needed something to do so he passed out the programs as guests arrived.)
We got started a couple of minutes late because we knew some important guests were not there yet. Bishop Patrick presided and conducted. I wasn't sure who would conduct and he said he didn't need to but would be happy to. It was perfect.
Thank you Barbie and Clara for taking and giving me photos to include!
I conducted the music. The songs were all 3 from the Children's Songbook, so I printed the lyrics on the program.
I gave the talk on Baptism. It was a little long, but I just adapted it from a talk I planned to give at Paige's baptism (but was in the hospital with a headache so Jonathan read it.) I didn't cut much out since I knew there would be friends there. My mom gave a much better talk that was right to Dylan.
Olivia sang "Baptism."
Dylan liked it I could tell. :)
Then Tyler said loudly, "It's your turn now, Daddy." He was right, it was time for Steven to baptize Dylan! Tyler was so intrigued. "Daddy got all wet in his PJs." And "Dylan got all wet and wiped his drips on his face like this."
Only one dunk. They did it correctly the first time. Bishop Patrick and Don were the witnesses. I wish I had put their names in the program.

 I like Noah's cheek bones.
We watched "The Restoration" short movie. The missionaries said they would take care of that time for us. I didn't know if they were going to show that one or some Mormon Messages. I told them that the boys would probably be quick in getting dried off. Sure enough, Steven and Dylan watched most of the movie with the rest of us.

Then my mom gave an awesome talk on the Holy Ghost. I had sort of hoped that she would give her variation on this one that Brother Anderson had given for Kat's baptism. She did! She started out with the story of when the Holy Ghost told her not to run me over. I had to look away to not cry along with her.
 Tyler and the rest of the audience were watching intently. Much better than my boring talk that I'm sure took too long!

Don confirmed Dylan a member of the Church and is the one who invited him to receive the Holy Ghost. Also in the circle with him were Dad, Uncle Mark, Bishop Patrick, and Brother Gene Johnson, who was our home teacher for a while.
The missionaries who had shown the movie had to leave early to go help do yard work for somebody. It's Matthew Roberts' birthday too!
I counted 45 guests (then add our family and we had 50 people there.) We had guestimated fairly closely. One family didn't sign in so I'll take it to church in the morning.
Some extras showed up at the end. Only one person plus the other Dylan and his family couldn't make it from our potential guests. I knew the other Dylan probably wouldn't. He had a ton of family come in town for his own baptism that night.

We didn't sing or blow out candles, but the cake with the rocks was just what Dylan wanted. And we only had 4 pieces left!

 Juliane couldn't make it but we still had a lot of family there!

I didn't take a photo of the food, but we had, in order, Greek salad for 10 from Greek Village, grapes, apples, Chick-Fil-A platter and sauces, a bunch of Publix sandwiches and condiments, mom's home-made deviled eggs, chips, and Publix lemonade and water. I think we planned the food pretty perfectly.
After my parents helped clean up for a long time (and the kids ran crazily in the gym), Dylan got to open his presents from them and from his friend Caroline, who stayed too. 
My mom got Dylan his Cub Scout stuff, a Bible, and even a scripture case. Caroline got him remote control bumper cars.

Then we went home to change and we went to the Flea Market to mine for gems. We got the big bucket and shared it so the kids got bigger rocks this time. Then we got a big thing of shark's teeth. The kids were in heaven. They got necklaces too. And for Dylan's birthday we bought a geode and the guy cracked it open right in front of us so we were the first to see its crystalized beauty.

  We went home and Dylan opened the rest of his presents. Selene gave Dylan a present too!
Then Tyler and I got to take a 2-hour nap and cleaned up while Steven took the kids to Darren's for Pinewood Derby creating, playing outside, and pizza. What a day!

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