Monday, February 24, 2014

Legoland! (Instead of a birthday party for Dylan or Isaac)

Amazon Local had a deal where we could get a kid in free with each paid adult ticket. Since Tyler's free, we bought the deal. It's easier than planning a birthday party! I did feel a little sad when Dylan came to me with the brilliant idea of giving little Lego sets as party favors for his Legoland party guests. I had to explain that it was just going to be our family. It took a bit for it to sink in, but he was still happy. (Then, after the baptism and Dylan got a surprising amount of gifts and cards, Isaac figured out that Dylan sort of DID get a birthday party and he got gypped. Oh well, Isaac will get a reception-sort-of-thing in 2 years too.)

Anyway, here're the photos of our drizzly day at Legoland!

We waited in line for the park to open. There was a ceremony where a Lego guy let two kids flip a power switch to turn on the park. We think something should have happened, a fountain turn on, a noise of some kind, a light, some Lego sculpture could have moved. Nothing happened. But we were there to witness it anyway!

Our first stop was how Legos are formed. We walked through fairly quickly and it, of course, dumped us into a gift shop. Tyler found his green and blue which match his favorite shirt. :)
 Next stop was the carousel. We went on the 2nd deck!

 The boys wanted their faces painted, and since it's their birthday celebration day, why not.
 They both got the same spider.

Photo opportunity!
I look like I am just a really short person :) Yes I wore Crocs sandals. I'm pregnant and was walking in a wet park all day! My feet never hurt and my shoes didn't have to get thrown out like Isaac's did!

Isaac liked this roller coaster ride that went up and down in a circle. He rode it about 4 times since we waited for Dylan and Steven to go on a bigger roller coaster twice. (One time was near the end of the day.)

Dylan loved the big one! I sorta wish we had purchased a photo of them from the park. If they had photographers out and about capturing families throughout the day, we would've purchased the package deal with x number of prints with their digital files and a photo printed right on a wall of Legos. But since the only photos being taken were on the scary roller coasters, and only Steven and Dylan went on those, I wouldn't be able to get my family photo printed on Legos so we passed on the opportunity. (The photographers weren't out b/c it was a rainy day.)

The jousting ride was a little slow for the boys, but there was no line so why not.

See me in the back taking photos of Isaac? We had 3 cameras going. :) 

We went to a Ninjago land. Isaac navigated. 
This character's friend told us we really should go on the main ride. Thank goodness for the waterproof camera. The kids squirted water guns the whole time. 

Tyler and I took shelter while the kids got in line. There was no line, this part of the park was fairly empty since it was sorta rainy I guess. We walked over in time to see the kids go by. Thankfully they didn't shoot us!

 We went up on an "Island In The Sky" I think it was called. We went up really high and circled around to have a 360 degree bird's eye view of Legoland and Cypress Gardens. Looking down at the area was really cool but a little more boring than the boys' previous adventure ride. 

 We walked through the little cities built by Legos. It's an amazing little place and some of the areas were interactive where boats or cars race with the push of a button. 

 Our family photo of the day :)

We watched the ski show! It had some drama with the audience having to keep an eye out for pirates! They had trick skiiers, wake boarders, a sitting ski thingy, pyramid skiiers, a jet ski, and even a barefoot skiier. It was awesome! They got the crowd going by asking who has a birthday this month. Both Dylan and Isaac do! We did a little dance before the show.

 See the tall thing on the long arm in the sky? That's the Island In The Sky ride.
 Tyler fell asleep in the stroller shortly after the show.
We went into the old Cypress Gardens area. It had lots of tropical plants, a beautiful gazebo and pretty grounds and landscaping. It also had the extremely massive banyan tree.

More rides!
Steven and the boys won this race. They had to pump their fire truck or police car to the fire, put out the fire, then pump the car back to the start line.

 The kids took the camera and took some nice blurry photos of their safari until the battery died.
All of the rides had Duplo areas with signs that read something like "have your kids play here while you hold their place in line." Isaac played while Steven and Dylan ran through the empty lines to ride the roller coasters.

There was a long line for some of the rides. My back started hurting a little so I sat down with my napping baby. It started to drizzle more heavily so I covered his stroller and his legs and we took shelter while waiting.

They loved loved LOVED this ride! With no line, they raced to ride it again. The littler the kid, the more he/she seemed to like it! It bounced up and down.
 Dylan won a small dragon. The one game they played.

At the end of the day, the kids got big Icees in tall cups. Tyler wanted ice cream instead, which is a lot less expensive. He and I got the better deal I think, :) Especially since we backtracked to an Icee station that ended up being closed for the day already! That was actually my low since I thought we were going to the front of the park to find the Icees when we started our trek, then found out that we had actually backtracked, and for nothing. There were people still in the kiosk, but the register was probably closed out already. Ice cream and chairs made us happy. :)
It was a good day. We thought we'd stop somewhere delicious for dinner but weren't that hungry so we just got some fast food. The kids had not had Arby's before so we had that.

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