Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Isaac's 6th Birthday

Isaac turned 6! The day before, we took him to Legoland. He woke up to balloons and presents, most of which were from his Aunt Kat. We ordered him a ninja set thingy he had wanted since before Christmas but it came 2 days late. 
Isaac wanted fruit, toaster waffles, and bacon for breakfast.

 He and Dylan woke up before I did so they added pictures to the Lego crown. I was tired I guess from the long day at Legoland then cleaning wrapping/chopping fruit/crown making stuff.
 Kat got him a Spirograph kit and colored pens.

The boys loved the Spirograph kit and used it while we sat in Sacrament meeting. 

I took his class picture at church. His crown started to fall apart.

 Isaac had wanted to play with Silly String so we went to the front yard and had fun with it.

Clara came over to bring Isaac his presents from them and from the Crews.

My parents came over to bring presents too. They gave him binoculars and a big magnifying glass too! 

 We ate meatloaf with potatoes. Then ate his awesome cake! It looked better than it tasted since we picked it up the day before. Isaac designed it since we didn't do the huge tiki cake he originally chose.

 The singing, spinning, self lighting torch candle was so worth the impulse buy!

 Not only was it Groundhog Day as always, it was the Superbowl day too. My parents only stayed until half time. We had some chips and orange soda for snacks. Isaac had the best day ever!

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