Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tyler's Trash-The-Onesie pics/slide show

I took onesie pics with my boys each month. I got out a onesie one last time for 18 months. I didn't have a sticker for it and it was so plain. So I took him outside. Then it reminded me of a trash-the-dress session that brides do after their wedding day since they'll never have a use for the beautiful gown again and anything they do will look cook contrasted with the normally pure white dress. So I made a little slide show with some random template music that was on my computer. enjoy!

in sync with isaac


Aunt Kat said...

Haha, good idea! That last image really clinches the whole idea too, when the trashed onesie is on a fancy hanger with a bow. :)

So were those washable finger paints? And funny how the backs of Tyler's knees are perfectly clean...because he is squatting down anytime he's getting paint on himself, so the backs of his knees are always out of the mess's reach.

And I can't help thinking that this wouldn't have worked with Dylan, because he wouldn't have wanted to get messy. Different kids sure are different--even if they're brothers!

Alicia said...

Such a clever idea! You're always so creative. Looks like the lil guy had a splendid time :)