Saturday, March 9, 2013

My sleepy silly mis-match boys on a Sunday

  I don't remember the boys getting in bed with us, but maybe it was a night they fell asleep there to begin with, a King sized bed is a must! I don't know if I've blogged about it or not, but we got a Groupon memory foam one and the size is right!

Tyler still requests the broken clipped-winged helicopter before breakfast. And Isaac still wears creative outfits, in case you were wondering.

On Tyler's last Sunday as a 17 month old, he stayed with his grandparents for the 2nd two hours of church. After church, this is where I found him.
 I left him there and had a friend who goes to the next congregation (a Spanish branch of our church) sit with him because I wanted to let him sleep for as long as he could and we were staying for one of Dylan's friend's baptism.

In our church, we don't baptize babies. Babies are innocent and will all go to heaven. 8 is the age of accountability, so at that age, a child can choose for him/herself if he/she will be baptized. That's in exactly 1 year for my Dylan! He has pretty much already decided that he is going to become an official member of our church. Don gave the talk on the gift of the Holy Ghost. This picture is from before the baptism started though.
 Here's a better look at Dylan's black eye from the day before, and he's with his buddies. Brendan Black is the one in the middle and Jake Varner is the silly face maker.
 Tyler woke up and was sitting in the back of the chapel with my friend after the baptismal service. I got him, he was happy. A little confused, but happy and quiet.

 Thanks Tyler, for opening and taste testing each banana. You sure are proud of yourself for figuring out how to scoot the little chairs over to any out-of-reach item. It's good and bad. You put the helicopter away by yourself, but you get into and spill things too. You're closer to Isaac and Malia than Dylan and Noah.

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